Nov 23 2012

HUDcast 11/23/2012

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In this episode we talk about Android devices are cool but still not gaming consoles, how all Michael’s villagers want to do is mill floury bushels of cocaine, and how Fugu fish won’t just kill you slowly but how it will make you watch.

Cool Thing of the Whatever: Pocket

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  1. D'Arcy

    Is the Wii U Nintentdo’s new Virtualboy? If it is, I think they’re going to have a much harder time making a comeback now then they did in the 90s. Would a new IP (Like Pokemon in the 90s) be the thing to save them?

    1. HalfBeard

      It very much could be and yeah a comeback will be hard for them if it works out that way. While a new IP certainly wouldn’t hurt it also might be deemed too risky on a corporate level and as such the worry is we’ll just continue to see them beat the “New” Super Mario Bros franchise like the dead horse it happens to be.

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