Nov 16 2012

HUDcast 11/16/2012

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In this episode we talk about the greatness of Chinese rap, how HalfBeard is accidentally delaying Beyond Good & Evil 2, and how cartoon rabbits are worth more than people.

You want to know what’s up with that creepy picture for this episode? Check out squallsdead.com.

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  1. D'Arcy

    Michael, you should for sure buy a PS3. I bought one of the new bundles about a month ago and it has been amazing – not only will you get the chance to now buy some of the system’s biggest games on the cheap, but you get 30-day free trials of both Netflix and Plus.

  2. Michael Raston

    Now certainly seems like the best time to buy, soon as I get some of that cash money I’ll be getting one.
    Amazingly I think my first purchases will be ICO and Shadow of the Colossus or any HD up-dating available for them.

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    […] let up, the voice cast is the same voices you’ve always known for the classic characters (as we discussed on last week’s podcast) and the art style balances a stylistic flourish with the classic Disney magic. Hell, there’s […]

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