Oct 18 2012

Quick Shaves: SunFlowers

And a new feature type appears, the Quick Shave, because as the line between big games and small games becomes thinner and thinner we need to expand how we review things. In the past we never reviewed smaller iOS type games and with good reason as they generally didn’t require explanation, they’re dead simple and cost close to nothing, not exactly the kind of financial decision people lose sleep over. But hey every once in a while something good comes up or costs just enough that it’s worth talking about so we have this new Quick Shaves feature.

The game has both a standard and tropical mode, so the visuals do switch up a bit.

Today we have SunFlowers, a small touch based game from Game Atelier for the VITA and iOS that casts you as the sun. Your goal is to send sun rays down through clouds so those rays will turn into rain drops and water the flowers below. You have to be careful though as direct sun rays will turn your plants to dust, too many withered flowers and it’s game over. It’s pretty simple and but good enough fun and as all the plants you grow are collectible there’s a fun “grow ’em all” aspect to it. You can even combine your collected plants together to make new ones and send out grips of plants through Sony’s near service. They also do a good job of switching things up as the levels go on; there is night time bonus levels where you play the moon, winter freezes that lock your flowers in blocks of ice, and storm clouds which rather than creating rain drops make lighting.

Presentation wise it’s overly cute but really how else would you do it, smiley faces on everything and a pastel pallette, Silent Hill this is not. Also musically it’s pretty much just chirpily redone classical music that I don’t know the names of but are ubiquitous enough that you’ve no doubt heard them before. It’s a look Game Atelier has experience with (the last game I played of theirs, Flying Hamster, had a very similar look) and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you know. It’s a look that works for what they’re trying to do and let’s be honest this is a simple game for you to play on the toilet, it doesn’t need to have a complex look.

Final Assessment: The Goatee

Yeah we’re rating our Quick Shaves with facial hair styles, shut up, it totally works. In this case, just like the goatee, this game is simple, functional, but nothing mind-blowing. $4 bucks may be a bit much it’s but the large amount of flowers to find makes up for it


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