Oct 05 2012

Is Painkiller Hell and Damnation too Evil?

Painkiller was a pretty awesome game and when games are awesome they tend to have sequels. Painkiller Hell and Damnation will be the latest in the series and will launch for $19.99 on Halloween. It’s going to be graphic, it’s going to be bloody, and it’s going to be fun. I mean it is just a video game. So no problem right? Maybe a certain European country has a problem with the game’s theme.

The subtitle for this new Painkiller is Hell and Damnation. With words like hell and damnation one can expect some demons and some nasty creatures, but it is just a game right? And killing demons is a good thing, right? Still, some say the game is still too dark and too evil. And the award for country most offended by the new Painkiller game goes to Germany.

Ok, so maybe they aren’t the most offended, but they aren’t exactly down with the game. Nordic Games Inc.’s parent company has confirmed that Painkiller Hell and Damnation will not receive an age rating in Germany. Maybe bad news if you live in Germany. So what do you think about the new Painkiller? Do you side with Germany or are you looking forward to playing it. Head over to http://painkillergame.com to see some screen shots and make your own opinion.

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