Oct 05 2012

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection

We’ve got some big news this week for all of you strategy game fans. More specifically for all of you Command and Conquer fans. EA has released Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection. This really seems to be a collection worthy of being called ultimate and a must have for fans of this series. I am sure you are wondering how many games and how much is in it; make sure you are sitting down or holding onto something tight, because that info might just blow you away.

Whether you prefer Tiberium, Red Alert, or Generals, this collection has something for all fans. Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection achieves this difficult task by putting all 17 games from all three universes into one collection. So this is a good way to replay our favourite games or to explore some of the other universes you have neglected thus far. It should go without saying that this collection is also a must have for someone who is new to the series. It really is a lot of games, but don’t let that get you worried about the price.

You can pickup Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection for only $49.99. For 17 games that seems like a steal. Some of you might also be wondering about the new Command and Conquer game that comes out next year. Those who purchase this collection are also going to get early beta access to the upcoming game. That is definitely a $49.99 purchase that is going to take up a lot of time and go a long way. So why not check it out today?

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