Oct 05 2012

Bethesda Gets An Austin Studio

Howdy Ya’ll! Sorry for the bad southern stereotype. Just wanted to spread the word that Bethesda Softworks is spreading their influence. Industry veteran Rich Vogel is going to be heading a new Bethesda studio in Austin, Texas.
Some of you might know Rich Vogel as that guy from Bioware who produced Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. He also worked on Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online.

Some of you might know Bethesda as that big studio who make big games. I know Bethesda as those guys who gave awesome shirts during PAX Prime 2009. In all seriousness, Bethesda is pretty big name in the industry and so is Rich Vogel so we can expect some interesting projects coming out of this new studio.

The new studio will be named Battlecry Studios and, as I mentioned, will be situated in Austin, Texas. The Studio is still in the hiring process for an upcoming unannounced project. The first project is always an important indicator of whether you are a big name like Bethesda or a small indie studio. So let’s keep an eye on Battlecry Studios. I look forward to seeing what they can do.

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