Oct 03 2012

Strategy First Inc Fights Breast Cancer

We have had a lot of news recently about how we the gaming community can help do our part by giving back to various charities. I feel that every time the gaming community gives back it is a great chance for us as a whole to shake the negative stereotype that we are all lazy or violent killers in the making. That is why I promise I will continue to spread the word about how we can give back. I hope this is a train of thought you are all willing to jump on board. This time around the cause is breast cancer research and the call to arms is delivered by Strategy First Inc.

You might know Strategy First Inc as the publishers of Jagged Alliance, Disciples, and Space Empires, but why breast cancer and why now? Some of you might not realize that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Maybe not for all of the world, but at least for Canada. Breast cancer, however, isn’t limited to Canada and as a global infliction it is something we can all do something to help prevent. So what can we do this time around?

For the entire month of October 50% of all purchases will go towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Simply head over to http://www.strategyfirst.com/ and download some games that you are interested in. It’s that simple. Hopefully you get a chance to discover some interesting games while helping a good cause.

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