Oct 03 2012

Project Greenlight And Reverb Publish Save The Lives Of Kittens

Do you like Steam’s Project Green Light? Do you like saving the lives of adorable kittens? No, we aren’t talking about virtual kittens. This is a chance to make a difference for real animals. Before I moved to Japan, Half Beard and I had the chance to rescue and adopt an abandoned kitten. I understand that isn’t a realistic thing for many of you guys to do. Fear not! There is a way for you to help adorable kittens without too much effort. All you have to do is enjoy some indie gaming via Project Greenlight.

Reverb Publishing and HandyMan Studios have a new terraforming Space adventure. Edge of Space recently made it into the top 50 of Steam’s Project Greenlight, but the makers of the game want your help to bump it to the top 10. So what is the incentive to bump the game into the top 10? If the coveted top 10 position is acquired then a donation of $5000 will be made towards the Humane Society to help abandoned and homeless cats.

Reverb Publishing has issued this challenge to the gaming community to help bump Edge of Space to the top 10 position by October 15, 2012. If this goal is not met the donation will not go through. So all you need to do is open up Steam and up vote Edge of Space. Seems simple enough to me. What are you waiting for? Let’s do our part by enjoying games and helping some adorable kittens in the process.

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