Oct 03 2012

Krater Co-op Date Announced

If you are a fan of our site you might remember that we had a lot to say about Fatshark and their game Krater. If you need a refresher on some of our impressions of the game then you can feel free to check out our Heads Up or our review. Today we have some more info about Krater. A release date for co-op DLC has been announced.

Fatshark very recently announced that Krater will be getting co-op DLC on October 23, 2012. Fatshark’s CEO and Executive Producer stated that this DLC will be free to download via Steam and will also include updates for the single player game. New character DLC is also on the way, but from the sounds of it that DLC is going to be more cosmetic then anything else.

Fatshark have been very good at receiving feedback and making changes to Krater thus far. In regards to the co-op DLC, the game’s producer had this to say: “If you played the game at release, and play it on October 23rd, you will get a whole new experience.” That sure sounds good to me. So remember to check out our site for what we thought about the initial release of the game and you can always hop on Steam and check out Krater for yourself.

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