Sep 27 2012

Mass Effect Trilogy Coming Soon

Big news from BioWare this week as we head closer to the holiday season. All three Mass Effect games will soon be available for purchase as a trilogy compilation. The release of this compilation will coincide with BioWare’s first annual ” N7 Day”. This will be a worldwide celebration of Mass Effect. Can you guess what N7 stands for?

The Mass Effect Trilogy will be available for Xbox360 and PC on November 6th. “N7 Day” will be on November 7th, but why the celebration? The Mass Effect Trilogy will also be coming to the PlayStation 3 at a later date [Ed’s note: also of note is that this will be the first time the original Mass Effect will appear on the PS3] . That’s something to celebrate, right? As far as I know this Trilogy isn’t going to give you any collectibles or swag beyond the games themselves, but that should keep the price down. How much?

The Mass Effect Trilogy will be available for only $59.99. That seems to be a decent price for three decently impressive games. So why not go out and buy this awesome series and have a happy “N7 Day”.

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