Sep 20 2012

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

Hey guys, Dragon Age 3 is totally a thing! Unless you have been living under a very large rock there is no doubt that you’ve heard about the Dragon Age series. Developed by BioWare in 2009, Dragon Age: Origins was a pretty awesome RPG. When games are awesome they spawn fan fics, graphics novels, and more importantly sequels. The Dragon Age franchise has sold over 8 million copies to date. With the Dragon Age franchise doing so well it is finally time for a third installment in this game series. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.

Being the third installment in the series, Dragon Age 3 offers to build upon the rich story telling of the previous game while adding even deeper RPG elements. Unlike its predecessors, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will be built on a new game engine. This time around BioWare is working with EA’s Frostbite 2 technology. Frostbite 2 will be the foundation for the game engine.

Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal division Stated:

“we want to give fans what they’re asking for — a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral.”

He went on to say that a new engine and technology would be critical in advancing the quality and vision of the series.

So if you have indeed been living under a giant rock then why not go out and check out Dragon Age:Origins to find out what all the hype is about. For everyone else, you can expect Dragon Age 3: Inquisition to be released sometime in late 2013. My guess would be that Bioware is aiming to make their game the big title for the 2013 holiday releases.

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