Jun 20 2012

Chris Ballew Creates Music for Quantum Conundrum

Chris Ballew is the vocalist and basitarist (a six-string guitar with two bass strings) for the American alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America: Or Pot USA if you only understand abbreviations or are too lazy to read the entire band name. You may also know him as Caspar Babypants because that’s his children’s song writing alter-ego. But this is video game news, so on to the important stuff.

Chris Ballew is also responsible for the Quantum Conundrum soundtrack, a mind-bending first-person environmental puzzle game by Square Enix and Airtight Games.

“I like making music for kids because I admire their inventive imaginations, and as an adult I nurture that same creativity in myself,” said Chris Ballew. “The gameplay, humor and art style in Quantum Conundrum embodies that same sentiment.”

Quantum Conundrum has players take on the role of a young boy who watches his uncle’s house explode. Upon entering the house he cannot find his uncle – He does, however, find the IDS: the Interdimensional Shift Device! Players use the IDS to switch between dimensions in real-time to solve complex puzzles and to ultimately find Professor Fitz Quadwrangle.

Tom Smurdon, audio director for Quantum Conundrum at Airtight Games says, “Chris was our top choice to score Quantum Conundrum” and “the team wanted someone who would be fun and quirky and would really fit the style of the game.  He’s a ton of fun to work with and all of that comes through in the music he writes.”

Quantum Conundrum will be available on Steam for Windows PC from June 21st and is also available for pre-order RIGHT NOW! It is expected to arrive on the Sony’s Playstation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade this summer, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Check out the website for more information or follow Professor Fitz Quadwrangle on Twitter and on Facebook.

Listen to Pot USA (even I don’t want to type out the entire band name again) here or, alternatively, Caspar Babypants here.

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