Jun 08 2012

The Painkiller Is Back!

It was revealed at this year’s E3 that Daniel Garner will be making a comeback in a Painkiller sequel, Painkiller Hell and Damnation. It has been eight years since the original Painkiller game punched us in the face and landed on our PC screens, and Nordic Games claim to have made leaps and bounds in their upcoming installment. It will be developed by The Farm 51, an experienced Poland-based studio.

Hell and Damnation will utilise Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 and aims to recreate the action-packed sensation of the original, but I’m guessing The Farm 51 aren’t intending to replicate Painkiller so expect new weapons and uglier demons to use them on. Hell and Damnation will require players to develop lightning-quick responses to dive head first into the fray and slaughter ginormous enemies. A skilful player is a painful one.

From the screens it looks like a third-person-shooter, but don’t be fooled. I’m sure it’ll be all FPS just like its predecessor.

“We’re proud of the shiny new splendor of the game’s graphics, but we’re doubly proud we’ve made player skill the most important part of the game. In addition to the single player campaign, we’re putting a tremendous emphasis on the game’s multiplayer component” said Reinhard Pollice, responsible for Business & Product Development at Nordic Games.


A first build of Painkiller Hell and Damnation was shown exclusively to media partners in Los Angeles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Stay tuned for more news because it will be on its way in due time.

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