May 31 2012

E3 2012: Konami Press Conference

Well it’s that time of year again I guess. We’ll be live blogging this thing as soon as it starts at 10:00PM PST so be sure to join us then for my running commentary. If you want you can watch along with us by checking out Konami’s stream on their website. So we’ll see you all in a few hours, until then enjoy your dinners and settle in for some crazy with a K.

9:51 Well less than ten minutes to it, let’s strap in shall we.

10:00 Alright it’s ten o’ clock and I’m not seeing a stream on their website yet, something may be wrong.

10:02 I’ve seen conflicting reports of 10:00 and 10:30 as the start time, I’ll keep you all posted.

10:27 Still no stream but it should be up soon hopefully.

10:30 Alright it’s up, let’s do this thing.

10:31 The prez of Konami is doing a quick intro, doing the standard pre-bull. Oh yeah it’s the MGS 25th anniversary this year.

10:33 Currently a member of their San Francisco office is talking about their casual stuff. Facebook games and the like.

10:34 This was not an exciting note to start off on.

10:35 And now soccer stuff I guess, so a PES update. Not my cup of tea but whatever.

10:35 And the stream crapped the bed, let’s hope that fixes up quick.

10:36 Still working on fixing it.

10:37 Alright back to it, still soccer stuff.

10:38 Regardless of my personal feelings toward the sport, this game looks visually quite nice. Also the tech they’re bringing up is interesting though not dissimilar from FIFA.

10:40 Zone of Enders time it looks like and Kojima will guide us through it.

10:41 Man ZoE was a lot of fun when it came out, pity it never got any bigger. Also yeah HD collection on the way but we already knew that, it looks fantastic though.

10:42 Awesome MGS stuff now, still Kojima talking.

10:43 Basically just going over the evolution of Snake and the series, interesting to see.

10:44 Mentioning the Smithsonian video game exhibit. Mentions of VITA HD collection and 3DS snake eater mentioned.

10:45 Super brief mention of the fox engine and now MGS rising trailer.

10:46 Looks like it’ll take place in Africa and and still be convoluted. Also the Platinum influence is clear with some crazy action and more blood than probably expected.

10:48 Hold on a sec, is Raiden wearing heels?

10:48 That was a really weird trailer but also pretty awesome, gore is looking pretty awesome here.

10:49 I love how Konami straight just admitted “We knew we wanted insanity and only Platinum could provide that.

10:50 The slashing mechanic has gotten overhauled and overpowered, watermelons beware!

10:51 He also has a brink style movement thing going on where he vaults stuff effortlessly.

10:51 Story sounds like it will be all about Raiden kind of finding himself after the events of MGS2. Guilt over killing the president or whatever. What happened n MGS2 again? I can barely remember.

10:52 This looks like fun though, stealth is great but a whole new gameplay direction sounds like a cool way to go for MGS.

10:53 Now for a terrible skit involving a guy dressed like Raiden slashing shit up in a temp job. Non-sequitors, it’s what Konami does best.

10:55 Alright this skit has officially gone on like 5 beats too long. Can I see more games now? Please..

10:56 Also bundling demo for MGS with ZoE again, just like the good old times.

10:57 New trailer for a Castlevania thing it looks like.

10:57 Lords of Shadow 2 it, I’m cool with that. LoS was a great game also Gabe is rocking some vampire powers which is pretty sweet, totally dusting an army with them.

10:59 He actually just drained a dude’s blood, I wonder if that will be a gameplay mechanic? Also yeah it’s LoS2 for sure and looks like Alucard(?) at the end of the trailer there, maybe?

11:00 Time for another trailer, probably the 3DS Castlevania game.

11:01 Yeah looks like it though nothing was actually shown. Also this seems to be the end of the show.

11:01 Yeppers that’s the end. Not bad overall, mainly known quantities taking the stage but it was cool to see LoS2 and Revengance in a little more detail.

Alright well that’s Konami’s pre-E3 show for this year, be sure to join us again on Monday morning for the full-on E3 press conferences. The first one is Microsoft at 9:30 AM PST and then the day will just go on and on until I pass out at the end of Sony’s press conference, See you all there!


  1. EV087AA

    So Konami knowingly let Nintendo Power and GTTV show off their Castlevania games, only to call them surprises now? KonamiE3

  2. Zac

    Needed more Tak Fujii

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