May 21 2012

Waive Goodbye To Distribution Fees with EA Origin

Origin is EA’s digital download service, similar to Valve’s Steam. Registered users of the software can purchase their games from the Origin store and play them on their PC’s, smartphones and tablets. Origin uses Cloud storage which allows gamers to pick up from their last point of play no matter where they are. It is all about your convenience.

Do you have a full green bar on Kickstarter? Then what are you waiting for? Get it on Orign!

Downloading is a popular means of acquiring games and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has opened the market up to independent developers who don’t have the funds to produce thousands of hard copies. Kickstarter, the online crowd-funding platform, provides these developers the opportunity to find investors and produce their games.

EA have announced a scheme to waive distribution fees on Origin for developers with a successfully crowd-funded, ready-to-publish PC game. The game will be distributed on Origin free of charge for 90 days, exposing the PC games to millions of gamers around the globe.

What this means is if you have a PC game completely finished and with the financial support (e.g from Kickstarter) then you are eligible to apply, and developers will provide on-going support for the ideas they have made a reality.

EA Origin offer games from past and present, from Mass Effect 2, to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

EA’s Senior Vice President of Origin, David DeMartini, says, “The public support for crowd-funding creative game ideas coming from small developers today is nothing short of phenomenal… Gamers around the world deserve a chance to play every great new game, and by waiving distribution fees on Origin we can help make that a reality”

Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment has also stated, “I have had a long relationship with EA and it is great to see them recognize and support the crowd-funded games model. Having Origin waive their distribution fees for 90 days for fan funded games is a major economic bonus”

If you are interested in submitting your belated PC game, or if you’re just curious and want to know more, then head over to Origin’s Game Publishing and Distribution page.

Alternatively, you can visit Origin’s Homepage to download the service for free, browse what games and demos are available, or to learn more about what the service provides.

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