Apr 13 2012

Kinected Skyrimming

Do you know what would be funny, if some one took the retarded, nigh unusable UI of Skyrim and tried to incorporate it to work with the equally silly Kinect device. How hard will the game be to play then!

Just imagine, instead of using your control pad to cycle through untold pages of vendor junk, you can use Kinect to physically rummage through your loot looking like an upright mole dancing in front of your television.

Oh wait Bethesda have actually done this. But instead of focusing on physical commands they have gone for the voice control option. That’s right, Voice control, which is even less reliable than motion sensor control! Way to up the ante Bethesda. So now not only will Skyrim have a terrible base UI, it will have the most frustrating and easily confused control method known to man.


You: ” Open Inventory”

Game: “I heard, attack guard”

You: (Shouting) “NO NO NO! STOP!”

Game: *Uses Dragon Shout ability on guard*

Expect to be frustrated and misinterpreted later this month when the update is released.

[Ed’s Note: Just to be clear, it can be safely assumed these controls are of course optional, otherwise feel free to storm the Bethesda castle with pitchforks in tow.]

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