Apr 10 2012

Squads in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated MMORPGs of the year. It could also be the number one played. With no subscription, World vs. World PvP, no holy trinity (Healer, DPS and Tank), and a dynamic questing system; why shouldn’t this be one of the top titles the year? Everyone who has been looking forward to playing this title (I have for three years now) has poured over each update and blog post that ArenaNet has put up.  This article goes over the most recent blog post by ArenaNet gameplay programmer Jordan Massy about the newly implemented Squad System. 

Through the beta tests, that they have conducted, they found out early that communication became paramount in WvW.  In WvW three different servers battle it out across one huge map that could hold up to 500 players on a team. Now, with all of those players trying to communicate through team chat, it tended to get pretty noisy really quick, making it hard to effectively organize some types of tactics quickly. On the other side of the spectrum of communication, groups capped out at only five players. The problem with only five man groups is that there are some really difficult NPCs in the map of WvW and there are a lot of thingss that five players cannot handle by themselves.  Therefore, ArenaNet came up with the idea of Squads.

Once a character joins a squad another chat window becomes available to the player. This chat window is for the Commander to issue orders to his squad members. What is interesting about this feature is that there is no discussion. The chat window is a one way chat from the Commander to the Squad member. Squad members cannot post a reply or discuss the orders, they just receive them. If you believe that you have a poor Commander than you just simply leave. Joining and leaving squads is as easy as whispering someone in-game.

So let’s say that you think you have what it takes to be a Commander. It is as easy as buying the right to become one from a NPC. The price, however, is hefty.  The reason that it costs so much gold to become a Commander is so it there isn’t all Chiefs and no Braves. More people would want to give orders than take them, but at such a high cost, only those who really love and know the WvW mechanics and techniques will want to purchase the right to become a Commander instead of using the gold elsewhere.

Another nice thing about squads is that it isn’t restricted to WvW, it isn’t even restricted to PvP. Let’s say a dynamic event is going on close to you that you have already been in a couple of times. In order to help the less-versed around you, out of the kindness of your heart, you decide to create a squad. Others join your squad and you can start barking out orders and complete the dynamic event the way you know how. For more information regarding Squads feel free to check out Arena.Net/blog for Jordan Massy’s full article.

 Kehlan Rutan wrote this article and his love for video games stretches across all genres and platforms.  He originally wanted to get into programming and game development so he got his Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in C# programming. Well, life happened; he got married and had a family he wouldn’t trade for any job in the world.  He has recently found a new passion, and that is writing.  Game Journalism gives him the opportunity to combine those passions into something useful to a specific audience.  He hopes you enjoy his posts here at hbhud.com. 


  1. Dan O Mac

    I have never played Guild Wars. My lack of a decent PC has prevented me from playing most MMO type games. I played WoW for a bit, but the subscription and junk hardware cut me off pretty quick. I am interested in giving Guild Wars a try. Nice article. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. dorena

    Very intriguing, I very excited bout guild wars 2, the article was well written. Great read K!

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