Mar 26 2012

A Decadent Demo

Age of Decadence is an indie RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Now, take back that sigh because it’s not the post-apocalyptic world you’re used to. It’s set in an alternative-ish world to our own in a time when the Roman Empire is crumbling to dust. The once glorious empire is in ruins after massive battles between the empire and a demonic overseas menace, both sides seemed to have recruited the powers of various otherworldly powers that has led to wide-spread destruction. I was pretty interested in the setting even before I played the demo, but the amount of back stabbery and bad behavior exhibited by all factions and characters I encountered throughout the demo has nailed the “moral wasteland” vibe perfectly. What also impressed me was the way non-combat skills are handled, meaning you can play the game quite comfortably by completely ignoring any weapon skills. There seems to be lots of opportunities for all the skills to shine at different points. A lot of games SAY they are going to do this then basically don’t (I’m looking at you Deus Ex: Human Revolution). Another feature that games always harp on about is moral choice systems, Age of Decadence certainly doesn’t exhibit any moral compass but your decisions (generally who to betray) actually affect what happens in the game which is really impressive. I’m really pumped about Age of Decadence, it’s looking to be a real adult RPG which a lot of people have been starving for after the glut of big-budget ,shiny yet vacuous RPG’s of late. Another thing that excites me is that the developer claims there is more lines of text in Age of Decadence than Planescape Torment. Regardless if this is true or not the fact they are using Torment as a benchmark is a very positive sign.

Check the demo out for your self right here.

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