Feb 22 2012

“Impact Krater” Our Interview with Fatshark Games

Well not only were we lucky enough to get to do a preview of Fatshark’s new dungeon crawler Krater (which will be going up tomorrow) but we were lucky enough to get an interview with the fine folks over there as well. What makes this wasteland wandering adventure better than the others? Read on and find out.


HBHUD: You folks have quite the eclectic track record; third person shooters,
side-scrollers, top down puzzle platformers. Unlike a lot of companies you
guys never make the same kind of game twice, why is that?

FSG: We like new challenges! However I think we will be more focused around RPGs
and multiplayer games in the future. We have learned a lot from working with
different type of games.

HBHUD: So your new game Krater creates a bit of nerd marriage between a lot of
elements of classic dungeon crawlers and what looks like a little bit of RTS
style, what’s the reasoning behind this and what are the benefits?

FSG: The reason is that we love these old classics but at the same time want to be able
to allow the players to play the game in coop and later on in PvP mode.
Because of this we didn’t want to make a turn based game. What we do want to
capture is the feeling of the RPG environments where you explore the world,
feel that enemies are dangerous and also bring back some squad management

HBHUD: Your game also uses a post-apocalyptic theme, something that has been
very popular lately, what have you done to differentiate your particular
debris strewn hellhole from the countless others?

FSG: First of all it is located in Sweden. Secondly it is a lush and colorful
post apocalyptic world in contrast to many other post apo worlds that tend
to be very grey and brown.

HBHUD: On the game’s website a fair amount of mention is made of the crafting
in the game so my inner loot addict has to ask: how is the loot? How much is
there? Is it color coded? Is any way I might be able to get you to pump the
pure min-maxing joy directly into my veins?

FSG: It is color coded with 5 levels of quality! There is a lot of different
weapons, implants, and other type of upgrades. It is very easy for us to add
more loot. Currently crafting is done through blueprints. We have another
system planned that I can’t talk about just yet. 🙂 The characters have also
different qualities which also means they have different amount of slots where
you can put in implants and skill upgrades. The whole idea with the game is
to allow the player to customize how they want to play. It is important to
search for new team members, weapons, blueprints and raw materials to
improve the squad.

HBHUD: With a group of three characters on hand at all times I imagine
character development must be a big focus in the game, what systems do you
have for leveling and upgrading?

FSG: We have 3 base systems for the characters. First I would like to point out
that the focus is on leveling the team. For the characters they come in 5
different qualities and in several variations. Each character has two base
abilities that can be improved by injecting new skill components to each
skill. For example the human tank has a cleave that does AoE damage in a
cone, if you add a stun component the cleave skill will not only do damage
but also stun the opponents. Higher quality characters can have more slots
for improvements for each ability.
Each characters also has a number of implant slots that depend on the
quality of the character, an epic character will obviously have more slots than a
common one.

Each character also has one gadget slot where the player can put a gadget.
There are a lot of different gadgets, some allow the player to extract
crafting materials from old computers and other objects in the world, while
another one gives a minimap, another one works as a scanner that detects
nearby enemies and a lot of other gadgets. As you have 3 characters you
always will have 3 gadgets activated.

You can also get injuries if your characters get knocked down. These
injuries can cause negative effects and eventually cause the death of the
character if you dont find a cure or a good hospital.

This means that one important aspect is to the game is to build a broad
squad with tanks specced in different ways for different encounters but also
if a tank get severely injured.

HBHUD: Well the last and most obvious questions still remain; when is this game
coming out, for what platforms, and is there any new info about this or any
other Fatshark projects you guys want to pimp here?

FSG: The game is targeted for Q2 this year. We will continue to work on updates, DLC
and expansions after the release of the game. As you know we have the pvp
expansion along with a new campaign slotted for this autumn! Right now PC
and MAC is confirmed but when the game is released on those platforms we
might move into other platforms as our engine, Bitsquid, supports multiple
formats including consoles. We are also working on a game called War of The
Roses! So all of you that read this, check out www.kratergame.com and
follow us on twitter and facebook at fatsharkgames!

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