Nov 30 2011

Skyrim, it’s actually pretty boring

Skyrim has been out a few weeks now, and has received top marks across the board. Critics and users alike have lauded it with praise, making it out to be the messiah of open world role-playing games. I got it on release, took the day off work, gave it a red-hot crack for a good 10 hours and lost interest completely. It’s not really that good. It’s like a buffet dinner; sure, there’s mountains of food to eat, but everything just has the same bland processed food taste albeit with a nordic tinge.

There certainly are good things about Skyrim. There’s no denying it’s a big area, filled with towns,caves and mountains, which in turn are filled with plenty of things to hit and steal. The graphics, though dated, do a decent job and run pretty solidly. The music is o.k too, creating a nice epic feeling. These things are done well, but unfortunately the actual game part (you know, the fun part; the challenge, the sense of reward, the involvement, the story) is sorely lacking. I would love Skyrim if I wanted a Scandinavian medieval hiking simulator, but unfortunately that’s not what I’m really in to.

“But it has dragons!” I hear you scream. The phrase “fighting dragons” sounds exciting right? Well, Skyrim is probably the first game of all time that makes that ultimate fantasy activity a chore. I would wager that nearly every person who has played Skyrim a fair bit will have at one point, when a dragon swoops in thought;” Dammit, Not ANOTHER dragon”. Just  by putting something that is inherently cool and exciting into a game, doesn’t instantly make a gaming experience better. Contrast Skyrim’s endless dragons, to the one dragon in Dark Souls. It basically sits at the far end of a bridge the whole game. But that thing is terrifying! You scamper around avoiding it, running under the bridge hoping it will just leave you alone. That thing will blast the shit out of you if you even dare look at for more than three seconds. In my mind that’s what a dragon is about, something that is not messed with. In Skyrim, the dragons are little more than aerial pests that slow you down on your way one of your many fetch quests.

Ok, so the dragons didn’t do it for me, how about the quests? Apparently there is an INFINITE amount of them! Let’s talk about the main quest, which I assume is the cream of the crop. The first time I had a conversation with some one important from the main quest arc, that woman who works at the inn who is actually some sort of dragon secret agent, I clicked through all her text as quick as I could. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of “Who cares”, I had absolutely no point of reference for caring about Dragons coming back into the world. I didn’t understand why it was a problem, If a character close to me had been killed by a dragon, or something I built up was destroyed by a dragon, maybe I would care. But as it stands, the main quest line just felt as tacked on as any random fetch quest from a minor NPC. In fact, I wanted Dragon’s to come back, dragons are cool right? They are normally, but are just annoying in Skyrim. Also, I fail to see the issue with Dragons being around, the seem to die in about three hits, I’m sure the farmers could take care of them. There is no drama in any of the quests, No emotional investment, I just go to some random person, a random cave or ruin, or walk around the same repeated buildings in a town, its boring, repetitious and unrewarding.

I joined the Dark brotherhood, thinking my dual wielding sneaky Orc would definitely be able to find some sinister, dark, brooding quests with them. I was treated to what amounted to little more than fetch quests, but instead of getting item X, I was killing person Y.  Person Y generally tended to be some random inane villager. Truth be told I only did about three Dark Brotherhood quests before I stopped playing, but the opening quests were in no way grabbing my attention.

The combat is a real drag, although Skyrim may be disadvantaged here because when I started playing it I had just finished up with Dark Souls. Dark Souls does sword fighting very well. Skyrim does not, nor does it do magic well. The combat lacks any punch or viscera. You flap at something with a sword until it turns into a ragdoll. I thought I would try turning the difficulty up. Now, There was no need for strategy or skill, just to carry around a million health potions and constantly swig them every fight. I would be fine with a basic combat engine, if mowing through endless boring fights gave me something, for example: Diablo. In Diablo, you just click on skeletons over and over again, it’s incredibly basic. But you do it because the skeletons drop loot, glorious randomized loot! There’s no reward like that in Skyrim, you will just pick through corpses to get cash and health potions on each enemy as they drop the same 5 sets of armour and weapons the entire game.

A friend who got a large number of his skills to 100, told me he had the most fun trying to find inventive ways to get his skill max quickly (He got nearly all of the skills to 100, then never bothered finishing any of the quest lines). Skills are a means to an end, not the end. You should get excited that you leveled up your skills because it means that boss who has been wiping the floor with you will now feel your wrath. There’s none of that in Skyrim. None of the enemies are much of a challenge, so I didn’t find any real drive to become more powerful. This is coupled with the fact the main quest line doesn’t really stir a strong sense of motivation. This all makes leveling skills a seem like an exercise in futility. A lot of people say it’s a game that you are meant to set your own goals, make your own quests. I think there is something terribly wrong with a game if the onus is on the player to find his own motivation to keep playing, so I suppose that’s why I stopped playing.

Finally, I don’t think the interface needs any more criticism (it’s a piece of crap on any system, but down right insulting on PC), but GOD DAMN that constellation perk menu is infuriating. Really, I cannot understand why no one at Bethesda thought that it might be an issue. “Ok so I click in the direction of the perk I want to see. Oh no that just sends me flying off to another skill constellation. I’ll try the direction keys, nope that doesn’t work either. Well, I guess I’ll just spin around randomly until I find a perk that’s kind of like the one I wanted”.

Skyrim, it’s O.K if you like walking around Nordic landscapes and towns, but kind of lacking in the game department.

I’m off to strangle some puppies.

Michael Raston is a gamer in his mid twenties. After wasting most of his life playing games, he has decided to start writing about them. check out more of his ramblings at http://lowerguk.tumblr.com/ or send him an email; mraston@iinet.net.au


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  1. Anonymous

    This all describes how I felt.

    Before I played Skyrim, I was hoping that the combat system would be a lot like Dark Soul’s.


  2. Anonymous

    Of course it’s boring.. that explains why so many ppl have drained countless hours into this game.. cuz it’s “ok”. Good review.

    1. Dan

      He’s entitled to his opinion. I got a copy for free, and I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, it’s just *FOR ME* it’s boring, tedious and filled with ponderous narrative. The combat is terrible. I prefer open world RPGs similar to Kingdoms of Amalur – and before you say it’s “dumbed down,” it’s not–it’s just more action-oriented.

      I may go back to Skyrim at a later date, but right now I find it just it just blah.

  3. Mark

    Yes I totally agree! Skyrim sucks and its soooo boring as hell! I got it on PC the first day it came out. I am now uninstalling it after 20 hours of game play and selling the game on Craigslist. The control for the game is frustrating and the dialogue drags on. I just cant stand having to waste more time playing this piece of shit game.

  4. Bethesda morons

    I’m really disappointed in Skyrim, but somehow i kind of expected it after Oblivion. I mean what the hell are they doing over there at bethesda? In my opinion Morrowind is the greatest game ever made, i still occasionally play it, withouth mods even. Yes you heard right :O Ask yourself, what is THE most important thing in an open world rpg? REWARDING EXPLORATION. In Morrowind you could and would go everywhere. Why? Because you never knew what you would find, but you knew you would find something incredibly awesome like some legendary armor wich was actually legendary. Now in skyrim, its like skip all that, kill some deers buy some iron ore and level smithing to 90 and BAM you can actually freaking make deadric armor, and then make it legendary. Anyone who played Morrowind would have their jaw drop at this, and not in the good way. Same with Oblivion where god damn bandits would run around with deadric sets of armor. What the hell is the point of doing anything in skyrim execpt for just knowing how the story plays out? Game is boring as hell. And also the leveling up system is ruined with the perks. Am i the only one seeing that it is very restricting? If your level 45 or 50, and then you want to start using illusion spells, you would have to gain 13 more levels to get enough perk points for fully utilizing that school of magic, wich would take hours with grinding. And then when your done you find out that illusion sucks or you dont like it anymore and on top of that you dont even know what the master or expert spells are or how they work until your illusion level is high enough for them to appear in sellers inventory. And if that happens you have basically painted yourself into a corner. Its not like you can reallocate your perks, you cant even trim your beard. Conclusion: This game is a disaster, at least in my eyes. Rant over… For now.

    1. Anonymous

      Skyrim, a adventure filled with dragons, a quest to stop the world from being destroyed by them. Based on what everyone says including myself dragons were no fun fighting as well as annoying. But my focus isn’t on the dragons, it’s my disappointment in Skyrim. As many others like myself believe that Morrowind was a amazing game with so much to offer, I’m not including Daggerfall or Arena because I have never played them but Morrowing was my favorite out of the Elder Scrolls Series, Oblivion was alright but terrible in many ways-
      Ridiculous face designs
      The enemies leveling up with you
      and the fact the ruined dremoras
      but the story was fairly interesting and it had it’s humorous moments.

      Skyrim fixed most of problems Oblivion suffered but lacked that feeling I had with Morrowind, where I wanted to get stronger to defeat that one guy and get his cool weapon and Skyrim I only had one feeling- emptiness. Skyrim was huge, the map was filled all these places to explore but it felt so empty because i was so unrewarded. My point is there’s was nothing creative, interesting to go for because why would i want it for example If I worked 9 hours out of my day to get a ebony sword with double the amount of damage it had and a powerful enchantment which made it’s damage like..158 what would I do with it, use it everywhere I go and be even more overpowered. It would make the game all the more boring.

      Sorry Skyrim, you may be close to Morrowind but lack the great feeling of fun and motivation that Morrowind AND I cant believe I’m saying this… Oblivion had.

      Thank you for reading my opinion.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah. I agree 100% with you.

        I mean even the Skyrim gameplay trailer and E3 videos before the game come out had a better feeling than the actuall game had. I was so disappointed. . .

    2. Devika

      Draw distance is also beettr on Oblivion it seems. Er, you can clearly see that the textures in the distance for oblivion are way low res and blurry, where as everything in skyrim’s distance is still high res and crystal clear. Also, you can see much more terrain in skyrim’s distance.Having played both games, I can tell you that without a doubt skyrim’s draw distance rofl stomps oblivion’s. One of the main reasons for bethesda creating a new engine in the first place was to address the wonky draw distances in oblivion.The good news for oblivion fans though, is that there are community made mods that enhance the draw distance exponentially.VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 1 vote)

      1. Eric

        If you ever played Morrowind you would find that the draw distance is GREATLY inhibited, and with good reason. that misty draw distance was plagued by blight and sand storms, and gave this immense feeling of actually adventuring. not knowing what was next over the following hill, not even knowing that there was a following hill etc. I suggest that you never play morrowind though. not only because you will find that bethesda stripped TES of everything that made TES, TES. but alos because you will be greatly disappointed to find out that TES had once featured and IMMENSE content of weapons and armor variations, that you actually cared to find because they were rare as fuck and you had to kill some motherfucker for the set who would fuck you up unless you were deep into the game.

  5. Scandinavian

    Funny. I just finished reading another review that compared Skyrim to a bland meal. Google for “Skyrim beautifully boring”, should be the first link (epinions).

    Anyway, I whole-heartedly agree. The game goes bland fast. Another product of a soulless, loveless, cowardly, profit-seeking corporation, unwilling to take chances or see some effort, with the exception of the visual side. I bet they designed Skyrim to get boring fast on purpose. It’s a win-win for them: less work for them, and people are more inclined to buy downloadable content, since they’re bored with vanilla Skyrim.

    But I digress. Maybe they’re just inept at storytelling, and unwilling to focus on the writing. But Skyrim is scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of the dialogue, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Not paying for another Bethesda game ever again. In fact, I think it’s morally questionale to pay for Skyrim.

  6. ThereIsNoHeart

    Finally, someone i can agree with! YES, about the quests being unrewarding! I’ve done basically 20 side quests after another and it was the same lame fetch quests or kill bandits in dungeon. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

    So i was thinking..wait maybe i need to join some guilds, right? Companions = BORING. Same thing every time. Dark Brotherhood which i absolutely loved in Oblivion turned out as you described, kill that person, get back here! UGH! There was no drama, no soul, nothing..it felt like a mmorpg where you go from one thing to the next. Story, characters and everything is uninteresting. If you do meet one(Arnbjorn), you don’t get to join him in assassinations,character development, team work or whatever…no you are the mute first person dragon hero.

    This game reminds me of Fallout New Vegas DLC, looks good but cheap and not worth effort. I uninstalled it and hope some mod conversion will take place in say 4 years orso

  7. asdf

    I found skyrim to be pretty awesome. Although you make some good points i find that adventuring is still rewarding which is what makes the game great. Sure Morrowind may have been better, but skyrim is still definitly worth playing. You claim to still play morrowind but find the combat in skyrim boring? Although it isnt very eventful I find Archery in skyrim to be awesome, especially once u get the perk to slow motion and sneaking up on people and slitting their throat for 30x dmg is badass. Although daedric armor has become easy to acquire adventuring is still rewarding. I spent hours of game time searching for a weapon that I can disenchant for paralysis. On top of that dungeons can contain new shouts, and my favorite artifacts, dragon priest masks. AND the Daedric artifacts are still interesting finds. So yea just roaming around you get new shouts, new enchants, daedric artifacts with interesting enchants that cannot be reproduced, and the 9 dragon priest masks. Sounds pretty rewarding to me. The fact once your level 40, entering a new skill tree is hard is certainly true, thats why I have 3 characters. A warrior, a mage, and a theif. And those different characters have dramaticly different playstyles, the warrior is an archer not bothering to sneak and taking out enemies from a distance in slo mo, he has strong armor so open combat is not an issue. My theif has very low health and armor, so sneaking up on bosses is a requirement or they kill me, fast. I dont enjoy the mage as much as I believe his combat is least interesting, consisting of just staggering oppenents with dual casted spells. The story line… meh. I dont really care for emotional engagement the cliche “save the world” was enough for me. Character development? Well for one you can marry in skyrim, unlike the other games however I will concede few characters are marriable and those are the only ones you can actually talk to. I doubt my words will persuade any of you as now that I think about your bitching the same way I bitch about Fables 2 and 3. Fable TLC will always be the best to me, but that doesnt mean I didnt play 2 and 3 (I did however bitch about both of them).

  8. steph

    I sign this whole review. And most of the comments as well.
    I was eagerly waiting for Skyrim for almost 5 years, just to be disapointed. Oblivion was bad, Skyrim is worse. I cant believe how Bethesda could manage to make a game as brilliant as Morrowind (still my favorite RPG) and then follow it by…that.

    To be honest, I really wanted to give Skyrim a try and I have played it for 72 (!) hours now, hoping that it would somehow gain depth or get more interesting. No, its all the same. Go fetch this, go kill that, stupid dragon claw riddle here, annoying dragon there – maybe add totally outdated animation, blurry textures and the worst UI ever seen on a PC. There is totally no feeling behind all of those textures – when I play Morrowind (the last time a few months ago), I feel this..magic and all those millions of possibilities just waiting for me. In all those 72 hours I couldnt find an artefact or a reward for raiding something that actually was really WORTH something. The deadric artefacts? Just a bunch of crap – I can build better weapons myself in that game. Where is the sense in this?

    Skyrim clearly is not made for those people who love traditional, REAL RPGs. It’s sad, but I guess we have to face the truth that from now on, everything will just be consoles and casual-gamer-kids who don’t have the patience to really get absorbed in a fantasy world full of depth. But I really am glad that I am not alone and not the only person who sees Skyrim’s lack of substance.

  9. Review

    Well, I think you get a little carried away. I’ve never encountered a dragon that dies in 3 hits. In fact they seem to get pretty difficult as you progress. Unless you’re encountering just the weaker dragons and that’s it. However, I do agree that the game gets boring. The quests seem to be rather dull and anticlimactic. Even Oblivion blows Skyrim out of the water in this department. At least Oblivion gave a sense of accomplishment after most quests.

    In Skyrim you become the head guy in every guild in a matter of a few quests. Where is the story in this game? Overall, Skyrim can be fun in small doses. I don’t have as much fun playing it for long periods of time as I did in the other elder scrolls games. So, ultimately the game would have been the best yet had they spent some time making some entertaining quests (primarily the main quest and guilds).

  10. Anonymous

    I played for about 110 hours I believe. I went the route of supermage. At first the game seemed interesting. It was huge and there was much to do. I found the College of Winterhold and began chipping away at becoming Arch-Mage. I was disappointed to see that the Arch-Mage robes look like a combination of a Hell’s Angels vest and Ozzy Osbourne 80’s concert regalia and that Master of Destruction robes were more useful to me than those of the Arch-Mage…

    I was also disappointed with speech options in the game. After playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I expected Bethesda to do really well in this area, but not even remotely close. I was angry that I was unable to see a list of spells I would be able to attain. How can one make decent skill choices without knowing what abilities are enabled beforehand? Awful. Many of the bosses and caves in the game lacked decent spoils.. I’d be excited to have to smite a powerful necromancer only to say WTF when his robes were basic enchantments or less..

    The storyline… Since the game was fresh the Mage’s College quest was entertaining. However, getting through the Stormcloak quest was nothing short of a chore. I was nearly finished with Ulfric’s rebellion when I started to deal with the main storyline… The tavern lady that is actually a Blades member takes an artifact I need to go to High Hrothgar or some nonsense. She then wants to have me kill a dragon and is surprised to see me do so… At that point I had slain countless dragons..I never bothered to use the shouts really as there was never really a need.. The ending of the War was a complete letdown with no reward.. and so i figured that the main quest would be just as lack-luster and unrewarding…

    Overall, it was hyped to all hell. The voice acting sucked. The looting system sucked. The value of gold is quickly pointless. There is really nothing moving your character along besides leveling up for skill perks… It charms you with decent graphics and a vast amount of land to explore to keep you hooked and give your friend the green light to pick up a copy.. and then… halfway up the ladder you can see that the Sky is actually just an optical illusion painted on a ceiling, and that the Rim is not worth reaching…Fallout New Vegas was masterful.. WTF happened?

  11. RandomGuy

    “Fallout New Vegas was masterful.. WTF happened?” – Anonymous

    Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment on behalf of Bethesda. They had nothing to do with it except for providing the engine and publishing it.

    Now to Skyrim:
    This is a really good review. It contains all the major downsites of the game I also noticed when playing through this game.
    They said Skyrim would get a new engine, but it was just a heavily modified version of the Gamebryo engine, coming to the first point: crashes.
    Just like all the other games Bethesda has made, this game crashes a lot, no exceptions. You walk through tundra X when suddenly your game hangs up, making you replay the last 10 minutes you’ve just lost because you forgot to save the game. That was one of the major reasons I stopped playing.
    While the graphics as mentioned look decent, I think games from 2004 looked better at some points. The shadows are just terrible and make you which Skyrim would’ve been built on the CryEngine.
    I won’t comment on the quests but to sum it up: They’re a complete joke.
    On the PC, the interface is just terrible and the fact that the option “Use XBox controller” is set to “on” by default is plain ridiculous. It lets you see in the very first minute you start playing this game that you just bought a shitty console port.
    I heard that there’s a UI mod called SkyUI to unfuck the horrible UI but I won’t have the chance to use it because I already stopped playing this lame, repetitive game weeks ago.
    So yeah… when you have $50 to spare don’t use them to buy Skyrim or you’ll regret it like I’m (we’re?) doing now….

  12. Anonymous

    and thats why i w8 and download games for free on pc 😀
    btw does anyone feel like skyrim is a bit overwhelming and unorganized?

    1. Mike b

      Yes that’s my problem so many things going on at one time it’s hard to feel like your a character on a side. There’s gotta be about 100 different little side quests for each city and it’s hard to stay focused on any of them for any relevance of reward.

  13. lajw

    I also feel lack of point in character development. From the start you can use any weapon in any hand you can do what you want with shields and bows. Probably getting spells isn’t that complicated (I’m warrior) and these don’t differ each other very much. I didn’t play morrowind, but tried oblivion where this was even more noticeable when you had fully operational mage from the beginning if you so desired. Maybe i’ll get punished for that but my homeland of rpgs was actually PiranhaByte games (Gothic 2,3,Risen), where If you wanted to complete main task, you needed to become a mage or warrior or something else. Even if quests may have not that inspiring itself, you had just desire to become The Guy. Also i miss form these games fun skills like summoning, fear, light (oh, skyrim’s bright even at night), joke(amnesia), levitation, telekinesis, teleport(which you had to fight for unlike here, just fast travel), soul trip and all that stuff that maybe not is the best for all day combat but for fooling around and sneaky tactics – prefect.

    Overwhelming world – another issuee which i have since GTAIV came out. Sure that’s big open world but wait a second. It’s empty! In GTAIV you had huge map where you had to spend at least 20 minutes to get from one end to another. But there were no content. Like 5 useful buildings per each gigantic district? As many as in GTA3, but this had 10x smaller map and was filled with tasks and secret missions. As well Gothic 3 (2 was a bit empty IMO) I spent hours and hours on just picking up stuff that was around checking every inch of grass for more shit, cause i wanted to craft some potions for my mage to give him permanent mana regeneration ability. In Skyrim? You go through empty areas and occasionally get huge chests right in your face, which mostly contains useless crap, cause you already know everything. No need to Look for ingredients just slay some armed bastards and sell their equipment in the hall of speech constellation to get better prices. I used to get rewards for what i was doing. Meaningfull rewards and not just cheap MMORPG’ish 20% higher hit rate or 40% poison chance.

    Last thing i don’t like is music, seems pretty shallow and cheap for me, just like oblivion’s one but that’s really just personal taste. I like when soundtrack plays occasionaly, has some stronger accents, just tracks I can remember not some overused “epic” mess, probably on-the-fly put together by computer that tortures your ears all the time and wants to be disabled,

    1. Rahma

      While I do agree with you about Oblivion being more gameish and Skyrim being more relaistic, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. At the time when Oblivion was released, it was not considered gameish at all. The graphics were considered excellent and relaistic (and it was intended to be relaistic as well). It is only in the last few years that developers have started using better tools to achieve extremely relaistic artwork and textures, pushing the envelope even further. Being a RPG game, I don’t find added realism any problem. People want immersion after all (I hate using this word but I’ll use it anyway).VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 1 vote)

  14. Jean Valjean

    He is so right. Skyrim is very boring. After 467 hours of playing I’ve done all the major quest lines, killed hundreds of dragons, and made millions of gold.

    But I’m sooooo bored.

    I probably should have quit after playing 250 hours in the first 2 and a half weeks. At that point I started to get diplopia (double vision) but it wasn’t until about 316 hours that I could no longer see my monitor clearly and had to wear a scarf over one eye. I thought two dragons would be even better but ironically it wasn’t the case.

    After going to see a doctor and heeding her request (after several more days of vigorous playing) I started to lay off Skyrim and have only played about 115 hours in the last month and a half. Fortunately, my eyes are back to 100% focus.

    Anywho, Skyrim is boring. It’s not that original in that it basically puts a new skin on a successful franchise that’s been around for a decade or so.

    But it’s still a lot more interesting that any movie that’s come out in the last 10 years. Talk about a rehash of old formulas. And for 60 bucks I got 469 hours of entertainment (and counting). It would cost me close to 2500 bucks for that many hours at the theatre (viewing only matinees).

    Now that I’m so bored with Skyrim I’m going to re-roll an armorless archer vampire who uses illusion as a back up plan.

    1. Drumpumpum

      : )

  15. FuckBethesdaBULLSHIT

    What I have read here is the single most accurate Skyrim review to date here. You sir, say it how it is. I mean, Oblivion was good, I was really drawn into Oblivion, but Skyrim I was bored with after merely a single fucking hour. And even then, that hour was more yelling in rage at the shittiness fucking game and how Bethesda have fucked up than actual proper gaming time.

  16. FuckBethesdaBULLSHIT

    Here’s something you can add to the review, Bethesda released the Creation Kit on the 7th Feb 12. And it comes with the shittiest thing Bethesda could ever do.

    They put the fucking Space Core from Portal in. To me this kills the whole fantasy/medival-esque element of the game. Fuck you Valve for putting it in and killing any hope Skyrim had to be a good game.

  17. ithoightiwasalone!

    Ok so I’m not the only one who felt this complete emptiness after hitting 20th level. The first thing I noticed was how fast I was leveling. I played oblivion first and was like kool. Then my friend introduced me to morrowind and I was bugeyed and drooling after i got used to reading everything. Best game I have ever played and am getting a pc soon just for the overhaul mod package and really enjoy morrowind. Playing it on 360 is still awsome but pc looks amazing. Anywho, I honestly feel like Skyrim ripped me off and left me waiting for a new fallout just to see if I should have faith in bethesda. Thanks for an honest review! I felt like I was alone as all my friends loved it but wouldn’t give oblivion or morrowind a chance. Thanks!

  18. Boring

    lol best Skyrim review so far. Less “Bethesda c*ck sucking” and more actual gamer experience. Maybe I’ll play this POS in a year again when there’re tons of mods for it which could actually provide 1 gram more fun of this 50kg heavy cake of lameness.

  19. privatizeEducation

    very accurate review of skyrim. some additional problems i have with this game:

    enemy scaling, leveling is made totally unrewarding;

    the thieves guild quest is the worst one I’ve done so far, i keep hearing about them and how they’re ruining Riften, and i was sure this is setting up a quest for me to destroy them, but no, not only is there not a quest for that, all their members are essential, so i decided i had no choice but to join (ignoring them isn’t a choice) and the guy at the markets tells me something like “you’ve never done honest work in your life, you stole everything you have”, and there was no option to disagree with him, even though I’ve never stolen anything at that point, when you finally get to retrieve the skeleton key, at one point in the dialog you are forced to say something like “this is the first time I’ve set out to retrieve something” wtf I’ve done millions of fetch quests…that killed the role playing

    the worst dungeon are the dwemer ruins, boring as ****. like an endless colorless tunnel.

    and guards keep asking if i fetch the mead, farengar keeps telling me to join the college when I’m the arch mage…vilkas calling me a whelp when I’m his thane

    and magicka is completely useless…100% cost reduction from enchanting…

    animation is bad, dual charging a spell looks like you’re holding a watermelon, and running and arming your spells in third person causes an annoying ducking animation. and if your casting a sustained spell at the sky or the ground, your arms still point forward in third person. mage is unplayable in third person. oh and the master spells are useless, animation is stupid

    and yeah dragons are annoying, my character is level 79 and hasnt gone into bleak falls barrow so i wont have to deal with annoying dragons

    towns are more like camps, with like 2 and a half people in a town, and every little dog house needs a loading screen.

    most companions are ****. illia has the exact same recorded dialog as lydia. they won’t even as least switch it up a bit like lydia and iona. and most follows don’t really have a reason to follow you. you just do a fetch quest and the option pops up in the dialog.

    money is useless, it’s too easy to get too much, and it makes looting useless.

    skyrim is totally unimmersive and failed to meet the standards set by fallout new vegas in terms of role playing potential. i just wish leveling up doesn’t mean my enemy get stronger too…

  20. ForeverSmug

    Let’s summarize all the TES games, starting with Arena.

    Arena: Good back in the day.
    Daggerfall: Also good back in the day.
    Morrowind: Also a good back in the day and is still good today.
    Oblivion: A true masterpiece…

    Now we get to Skyrim…

    Skyrim: A shit game that’s just milking off the popularity of the previous TES games.

    All in all, the first 4 TES games were good.
    Skyrim sucks dick.
    Bethesda, WHAT THE FUCK.
    Good review.

  21. TehAntiZ

    Skyrim is a pussified Oblivion/Morrowind. What do I mean by that? Simple: It’s too f’ing easy.
    The first thing I noticed was the horrible AI. I could litterally kill a dragon by just standing on one spot for 2 minutes and shooting arrows at it because it was just sitting on the ground shitting a giant turd (well that’s what it looked like).
    The second thing is that the weapons in this game have no durability. You can just walk, if you want, with the same axe or sword through the entire game without losing it. No repair skill required. Just collect one stronger weapon after another.
    Third: When you see a new weapon on a dead enemy or what ever, there’s this little green or red number indicating if the weapon’s stronger or weaker than your current weapon. With that I always took the stronger weapon not caring about it being a two-handed weapon even tho’ I’m trained in one-heanded weapons. At the end it didn’t really matter as the big two-hand weapons were ALWAYS stronger than the one-handed one’s regardless of my skill specifications. Now combine that with the missing durability. You always have the best super weapons that doesn’t break. Where’s the challenge in that? I think that after Oblivion (which was great) they spent more time making every cave and ruin look different and unique than making the game great, fun and challenging.
    I’m happy I always download a game before I buy it to test it out. No wasted money for me.

  22. AgnosticGOD

    my problem with Skyrim is that it is fun… for a while, long enough that you are really enjoying yourself. Until you stop and think, pick any other game you have enjoyed and name five characters that you liked, try to do the same in Skyrim. It looks nice, there is lots of “adventure” but I’ve found that in Skyrim I got powerful, did a lot of side quests, thieves guild, dark brotherhood, etc. but in the end i didn’t enjoy much of the dialogue, cutscenes or supporting characters. My problem is that I just ended up in the land of Meh, there was some sort of rebellion thing going on, which story wise i was playing as Altmer so I probably wasn’t supposed to want either side to win. It was such a huge game, so many NPCs(that i didn’t care about) running around doing odd stuff, there was a civil war brewing and great big flying lizards dropping out the sky, it had so much promise but in the end I found that it just made me sleepy.

  23. CckWhre444

    To keep it short and simple:
    This game sucks, uninstalled it, replaying Morrowind, 12 year old Bethesda c–k suckers can go f–k themselves. Thanks.

  24. DieselDawg9

    When I heard skyrim was coming out, I was so happy. I wanted to get it at launch from gamefly, but it was out of stock. So, I got it about 2 weeks ago, FINALLY. I use it on the Xbox 360. I was so excited to play, only to find out that it was only “ok”. It was really cool seeing how everything reacted at first, and I thought there was tons of cities I still need to explore, but then at about level 20, the cities became a bore. I knew them all too well, and started seeing the same people over and over.

    When I first came out of the cave, I really enjoyed the new combat system and grahpics. After 15 hours of gameplay, I still thought there was much ot do. So I continued on.

    I decided to hold off the main quest until about 45 hours of gameplay, but I wish I waited until about 70. I was doing tons of misc quests, but all seemed to blend, but I really do enjoy going into caves and ruins and REALLY love working for daedras. I’m about 75 hours in now, the game is slowly becoming boring my first play through. But i’m not even close to done, as i’m still finding new places and quests. I decided to be an unarmoured stealthy archer kajiit, because IMO, skyrim wins in archery. I love and hate his game, nuff said.

  25. Malcolm

    Up the difficulty? I recently bought Skyrim after playing it for a week on Rental, I love this game. I’ve already completed the main story completely and I’m a level 26 Dark Elf that’s basically a mix of all 3 play types. I often change my guardian stone as I progress. I’m currently working on my stealth as I joined the Dark Brotherhood at level 21. Even after playing through the main quest, college of winterhold quests and some others I forgot I still have a LOT to do in Skyrim. Also yes dragon attacks can be annoying but I still find dragons a big challenge. I did have the difficulty low from the start, now I always keep it on normal or above. I always make sure every dingeon gives me a challenge. I’m still working on my smithing to make dragon armour, currently at level 80-something. And I’m just starting the daedric quests to make daedric items. This is just y opinion. I do agree though the game can get boring after a while. I now find myself taking breaks from Skyrim throughout the day. I wish the combat system was a bit smoother than it is. I hate when I charge at an enemy and try to jump and attack them from above and instead have to wait for an awkward landing before slicing them up. I’ve also recently started a new character currently a level 7 Orc. I’m focusing on melee for him and I’m taking a completely different approach this time. After escaping Helgen I went straight to the guardian stones and then kept going to the mines, got some iron to immediately start on my smithing. On my way to Whiterun to smelt them, a giant was attacking Whiterun stables. I helped them kill it and they offered for me to join The Companions which I never knew about in my first game. Then in the first quest with them I found the fire breath shout, which I didn’t get until much later in the game my first time.

    So even after playing for so long and starting a new game, Skyrim still continues to surprise me with things I’ve never seen in games before.

    I think one of the coolest parts was when I got jumped by some thugs, and then I found out they were hired by someone to kill me!!! It was epic.

  26. MG444

    Not only is this game boring, I also feel bad for installing a game with such an unstable PC- *cough* excuse me console engine onto my poor computer.
    It’s been four months now and that game still crashes like crap on my PC (like every 5 minutes) without any error messages (I can run Crysis on Ultra btw) even tho’ I have tons of tools that should stabilize it like an FPS limiter to avoid stuttering, a game code fixer and the giant Unofficial Patch.
    Whatever they do they can’t fix this game no matter how much they want to brainwash us with their corporate speak by saying “The community is the best”. When a company says that I automatically feel there’s something wrong. It’s good when a company listens to its users but when they constantly repeat “Yeah you’re the best by sucking our giant dollar cock” it means for me that the game is so shitty and has so many problems that the only way to keep the massive wave of costumer rage under control is by doing that.

    Now here’re my pro’s and con’s:

    – Large world
    – Much to do
    – Many items

    – World looks repetetive (breaks 1st pro point)
    – Quests are too repetetive (breaks 2nd pro point)
    – No real difference in the items itself (breaks 3rd pro point)
    – Like one voice actor for hundreds of NPCs
    – Boring dialogue (also clicked myself through it without reading it)
    – Boring fights
    – Crashes a lot

    I haven’t finished the main quest yet but from what I’ve heard it’s not really good. So I stop here after my like… mhh.. 40th crash and throw this game into the garbage. I’ll check out Oblivion after that (I’ll check out Morrowind a bit later as I heard it’s hard for people who have played Obl. and Skyrim before to get into that game) and hope it’s not as shitty and unstable as Skyrim (also won’t be buying on Steam again as I basically wasted $50 I can’t get back for an unstable piece of cyber data that can get deleted and disappear anytime that spyware program goes down).

  27. orky

    What a disappointment … actually searched the net after finishing the main quest because I stood there on the dragon mountain for minutes and thought: “That’s it? THAT’S IT?” I really couldn’t believe it.

    Even the Dark Brotherhood was a MAJOR disappointment: Completely untrained in sneaking I just hid in the corner of a restaurant and “assasinated” my target with a bow in front of all people… quest done. lol!
    As far as I remember you needed some decent sneaking / lockpicking skills in Oblivion to bee able to do the DB quests without getting detected – let alone Morrowind.

  28. Al Pupkin

    Wow, the review and most posters here agree wholeheartedly on one thing – we got big blunt piece of plastic cake. It looks cool from the distance and even sweet at the beginning, but once you ate one piece, you don’t wanna continue.

    I, however, don’t feel too disappointed at all. After we got Fallout 3 from Bethesda (Surprise!) which is a HUGE disappointment after waiting for so many years after Fallout 2, we got another big pretty NOTHING that is shallow, repetitive and non-repayable.

    Then, on another hand it looks like a trend nowadays. We also got Jagged Alliance “remake” which no one even wants to play. So we have three classic game remakes (JA, Skyrim and Fallout) that didn’t hold up to expectations – what’s next? Diablo 3 and X-Com? If they will be big disappointments, I’ll sell my gaming PC and will start watching soap operas I guess – there will be no more games to look forward too…

  29. Bayram

    70% of all trees you happen to see in unpoleveded areas will be pine. If you have any sort of wood land in the area, regardless where you live, it’ll probably be a good portion of pine. However with cold climate, people seem to always think of Christmas trees and that’s what’s so cliche about it. They forget that there are just as many different types of trees in a cold climate area that’s underdeveloped as there is in any underdeveloped area. You obviously won’t see palm trees in anywhere near that cold or other plants that just can’t last in a cold climate area, but you’ll still see a lot of other plants and trees.It’s like Fallout 3 and the ridiculous cliche about rocks and rubble being most of the land mass in large cities and towns. But Bethesda took it one step further and now 90% of the land mass after a nuclear war in Fallout 3 is made up rocks. Seriously? Instead of thinking of a less generic way to make a landscape, they filled it with rocks EVERYWHERE. It’s easier to just be lazy. Like with their PS3 port. That’s Bethesda for you. I wonder how long it’s going to take this time before they stop patching the games and tell their fans to screw themselves. Oblivion they patched a lot except for a couple for the PS3. Fallout 3 and New Vegas seemed they could care less. Could Skyrim beat out the Fallout games with the amount of bugs remaining when it’s all said and done?VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 5 votes)

  30. MikeBoy17

    I agree with this full revieuw!

    about the dragons:
    at first i was soooo eager to fight a dragon and couldnt wait to be the best dragonslayer ever. then after a few encounters i got anoyed of a dragon showing up when im busy with a quest.

    i finished the whole mainquest expecting it to end very cool: alduin shows up, dragonrend him to the ground, 30 minits of slashing with sword, health potion, sword, potion, sword. YES I FINISHED THE MAIN STORY!!! -.-

    i got bored and tried to get the best gear possible: done in 2 hours.

    halfway trough dark brotherhood; got bored
    halfway thieves guild; boring
    halway trough stormcloack; boring
    halfway trough compagnion; soooo damn boring.

    training smithing; buy all the iron ore, make iron daggers until u reach 100 (takes 2 or 3 times depending on the amount of iron ore the vendor has)

    They made a pattern in fetching items or killing targets in a quest. all the traps in dungeons are the same. 1000 doors that open with a 3 image claw, 1000000 pillar puzzles. everything is the same!!!!!!!! arghh..
    Everytime i play i get so see a new bug/glitch in the game.

  31. WTFishappening

    Bought this game 11/11/11 and couldn’t get into it. Waited a couple of months and tried again. Still bored by it. etc. etc. Now May of 2012 and I STILL can’t get into this damn thing. I mean, fuck, I played Morrowind for roughly 5 years and never wanted to play anything else. I found Daggerfall buggy as shit but still enjoyed it for what it was. Arena and Oblivion were very satisfying too. This? Idk what the deal is but after 30 minutes of gaming I just want to go outside and mow the grass JUST TO HAVE SOMETHING FUN TO DO. I thought I was a compulsive gamer, but this Skyrim thing has rattled that belief to the core.

  32. Manolo

    letdown of the year in my opinion..
    unfortunately, this kind of reviews don’t circulate around the net because of angry fanboys ready to flame anything similar to not-consider-skyrim-the-best-game-ever..
    so.. a flat, outdated game mechanic which make any combat the most boring thing in the world.
    an unenthusiastic story that won’t make you want to keep playing..
    bugs and glitches.
    and too much hype that certantly didn’t deliver.
    with all that said, i have to give an handshake to the review autor for having no fear in pissing off all the nerdy fanboys.

  33. Lolington

    Gaming Industry becomes Hollywood

    As always the western gaming industry hasn’t disappointed me. They delivered yet another unfinished, boring piece that I wasted my money on which I can’t get back. This has to be the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever played, being ‘beautifully boring’ just after 4 hours.
    I’ve noticed that western movies, games and music became really, really bad over the last years while the eastern european and asian counterparts are getting better and better.
    I just bought “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl” last week for just $10 on Amazon and it’s amazing what Ukrainian game studios can come up with. Intense action, a story I care about, realistic looking enviroments based on real locations. It’s awesome. $40 cheaper and much more entertaining than the bland piece called Skyrim. In the movie department India has also become really amazing, the movie “Endhiran” kicked my ass to the mood with it’s awesomeness and russian music bands are as awesome as ever.
    So in conclusion, for me the west is in 2012, the year of badness, staleness and cheap money making while the eastern states are in the 1980s and 1990s, the decades of quality and greatness. So if it’s made in U.S.A I don’t expect anything good anymore while impatiently looking forward to more eastern releases, mainly in the gaming section.

  34. Anonymous

    fuck you haters mother fuckers

    1. 12yofgt

      The internet is probably the freest place in the world where people can share their opinions without any censorship. There’s nothing you 12 year olds fags can do about it. Go troll somewhere else. Thanks.

  35. mr mike

    I’m feeling the same way about the game. I run through quests, maybe wander around and explore to beef up my skills a bit, but otherwise play errand boy and loot some coin along the way. Repetition through dialogues, repetition through environments like caverns and temples, repetition through puzzles. Even the voice acting. I’m counting a cast of maybe 5 or six voice actors though the entire game so far.

    By entering a guild or school I thought the quests would become more interesting. Nope. Go here and get this, go there and kill so and so. Yay, I’m the head hauncho now! What do you get? A bed. Maybe some trinkety items and a new wardrobe. That’s it. Nothing in the game shifts. Maybe a “hey you’re so and so” from a guard, that’s it.

    I’m a werewolf, I’m the head of the school of magic, etc. but it serves no purpose other than having a dumpster for loot I haven’t gotten around to selling yet. I’m sorry, but alchemy, forging, and the like don’t count as dynamics. Those are just time killers to extend the play time.

    The story was dry, the gameplay was boring, and overall the word game doesn’t fit. I don’t feel there was anything to compete with, and usually I like to associate the word fun with such things. There where many times in the game I just wanted to be finished and move on to something else. I realized pretty quickly that it was just more of the same thing over and over again.

    And the dragons? An annoyance like a fly buzzing around the office that seems to keep reproducing. But I’m the dragonborne or some nonsense, this is the highlight of my…whatever the hell this is.

  36. SpiralDynasty

    I found all the exact same issues with this game. I hate all the guilds. I have no desire to replay this game a second time through. All the quests are fetch or kill quests (they are the easy ones to script hence why 90% of the game is fetching) I found that it is silly, that after completing say the mages guild that you HAVE to become the arch mage. My little thief could only cast Flames and that shield spell. It is ridiculous that a NON mage would be elected AS arch mage. Or that the thieves guild is so out in the open about who and where they are. IT SHOULD BE A SECRET! Not to mention that they are a bunch of thugs, not thieves. The Companions was only worth doing up to getting Beast Form, even that was down played. NO WEREWOLF QUESTS? I mean not the “cure” quest, I mean genuine werewolf RPing quests. Nothing.
    I find it sad that I enjoy Modding and building more then I do this damn game. When I saw the trailer for Dawnguard I had no desire to play it at all. Stupid vampire bandwagon. I was more interested in what new objects/buildings would be added to the game for me to use in the CK.

    Oh. and horses CAN be trained to back up. I have had enough of cliff diving while strapped to the back of a suicidal horse.

  37. Xenion6

    Wow. A review I can agree with and that is (definitely) not paid for by someone. Seriously what’s up with the “official” reviews on Metacritic? 32 Positive, 0 Mixed and 0 Negative reviews and 8 out of these 32 gave Skyrim (PC) a 100? I only give a full 100/100 (10/10; 5/5) when something’s absolutely perfect but this shit doesn’t even come close to be that. Corruption at its best.
    I give it a 15/100 for having some good looking enviroments but nothing else.

  38. NotaRobot

    Skyrim is SOULLESS, that’s the best way to describe it. The Quests are not rewarding, it feels like you are on auto mode doing the same thing over and over. Like you said Reviewer, there is no sense of accomplishment. The Dark Brotherhood is really disappointing, i did like the characters but the missions were stupid,unoriginal garbage. I could roleplay better missions by myself. Story sucks too. They had a werewolf in the Brotherhood, why couldn’t you team up with him and hunt down some kungfu kickass khajiit? Or some Dark Brotherhood deserter, or some party where you have to disguise yourself, you know..ACTUAL ASSASSINATIONS. I could go on with tons of missions, Bethesda HAS NO IMAGINATION!!

    I’m done, i could go on about the bland environments, other crappy quests,etc but i won’t

    Skyrim is an ok game if you are a grinding i don’t care about substance robot.

    1. BzlOM

      “Skyrim is SOULLESS…..” – agree with that. I have played Skyrim when it was released. At the begining i was entertained by the fighting system, the big beautiful winter landscapes. The story was interesting at the start, i mean the epilogue….. the first 15 minutes….. until they release you into your wilds to “find your own adventure”…..

      Then i started some side quests – got bored but thought: hey, these are just the side quest, i bet the main quest is a lot more interesting, can’t wait to start it.

      Well i was amazed at how bland the main story was…. it didn’t differ at all from all the boring and uninspired side quests. Well this i was’t expecting – especially from Bethesda.

      But i was seeing so many good/perfect reviews over the internet that i thought i just don’t get it. I have installed Skyrim again…… a month ago…… i didn’t really wanted to go back to it until i have finished the backlog of games that i have to play on my PC. Yesterday i tried Skyrim again – escaped from the dragon attack, exited the cave……. and quit…… i just can’t be bothered to go though all this again.

      This game was supposed to be at least decent – in reality it is what it is – an unfinished product with no soul.

  39. ronen

    i cant believe this shit
    i thought i was the only one who felt that way
    i almost bought a new computer to play this game
    so lucky i didnt

    dont get me wrong
    the technical side is outstanding
    they fixed so much annoying stuff
    but god damn it, hire a writer or a director or someone who knows how to captivate
    diablo’s two minute cartoon captivated me more than this entire skyrim story
    in fact any movie of any diablo was better (always to the east 🙂 )

    im sorry for the team who worked
    great job but on the technical aspects
    i guess no one had the balls to tell them the game is boring

  40. Anonymous

    morrowind & Olbivion

    Skyrim has no place in the mortal realm I BANISH BETHDESA TO OLBIVION!

  41. Fallout > Elder Scrolls

    I like to think of Skyrim as a tech demo for Fallout 4. I would love to see off-the-hip, dual gun action in that franchise. And cool melee animations. Those were nice in Skyrim.

    My main problem with any Elder Scrolls game is that they’re too long, the main story is always bland and generic, and I just don’t care about the NPCs or get particularly invested in the world in the way I do with the Fallout games (pre-Bethesda included). New Vegas was a good length, the story was really good, and I found myself giving a crap about the people living in the Mojave.

  42. Anonymous

    This game is boring. I wouldn’t say that dragons are the main cause because Morrowind had cliff racers that were worse. The problem with Skyrim is that after 10 hours of playing, the game doesn’t have much more to show you. It’s like they focused completely on making dragons seem awesome and forgot the rest that people loved in Oblivion and Morrowind: quests, nice unique loot, character customization (everything dumbed down). I loved the ES3 magic system. Now it just seems unimaginative… “Oh but wait! Now you have better animations!”. But who cares about the better animations when the magic system isn’t fun at all….

    And Skyrim has the same problem that Oblivion had… Things just seem… random… You kill a necromancer and you always find a generic necromancer robe with X% enchant in one school of magic. You go to a cave, you see the same monsters with randomly generated loot.

    Oh and the nordic ruins… First they were awesome… Then, they became boring… Then, I couln’t stand them. At that point, I decided to stop doing quests that involved going to nordic ruins. What’s the purpose of making 100 nordic ruins for this game when they all look alike

  43. Mindy

    Thaaaank you! God! Everyone has been going on about this game and you know, it sounded awesome. So I rented it (thank GOD) and sat down to have a go. 2 hours in and I don’t even understand what I’m meant to be doing. There’s no plot. I have no backstory as a character. What am I doing in this province? Some dude just tried to cut my head off. Then a dragon killed everyone. Thanks, dragon. So…. why wouldn’t I leave the province? Aren’t I a criminal or something? And why would I even WANT to kill the dragons?

    I was shocked at how SMALL the place is. I feel like it took me less time to run across Skyrim than it did to cross the Barrens back in the day.

    My character isn’t given any motivation to do anything. OK, some dude helped me out, so I went and delivered a message for his sister. As far as I’m concerned that’s my part in that business over.; I can’t see any reason to continue to help them out. No one’s told me my character is charitable and giving and wants to help out of the goodness of her heart, so….. I ran off to learn magic. They stuck me in a room and ignored me.

    I mean what am I meant to be DOING here?! I’ve never played a more boring game in my life. The fighting mechanics consist of flailing madly in the direction of the enemy. I have no motivation to go anywhere, do anything, or level up any skill. Why would I want to go fetch something for some demanding pain in the arse?

    The graphics aren’t even that spectacular.

    Massive letdown, glad I only rented it.

  44. Anonymous

    fuck skyrim,it sucks its very boring, a lot of games are better, its the most overrated game i have ever seen

  45. Mike

    Gamers are just a bunch of spoiled babies these days in 1993 to the 2000 myst was the best selling pc game of all time,but it would seem to be very boring these days. Ok odd comparison i know but think about gta vice city on the ps2 another one of the best games of all times and a game that now seems boring at times repetitive but good. skyrim is beautiful with it’s ice age surroundings giants,wooly mammoths and mountains. My issue is its to bland looking with the snow and hard to get around because of a poor map system. Overall it’s epic but most of the time your traveling fighting wolves and trolls. I think the game is to big for just running around. It’s a great game but gives you a headache after a while even in the dungeons. Remember zelda fro n 64 best rpg of all time some consider now compare that to Skyrim with fire and singing and mead just wow!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Ok listen up, if you think the game isnt “Challenging” turn it up to the highest diffuculty, and you need to get youre own “drama” skyrim is an action game, not some drama story line, the point of the game is saving the world from a giant black dragon, yeah that is soooo dramatic. The combat is realy good for the gamers who actually spent time in the game, and know how you are suppose to fight. If combat is boring you are doing it wrong, even a warriors hack and slash is exciting as hell if you are doing it right. I’ve drained my whole summer into skyrim and i sill love it to death, if your bored make another character, make him have a backstory, each character make different, unique , something that expresses you into the world of skyrim, give them passions, allow them to be a ruthless bandit thig, a wise mage, or even a sneaky dark knight. Make him the stongest person in skyrim, the wisest whom the jarls come to when they need aid, the most hated theif/assassin in skyrim. turn up the difficuly to the max and die multiple times, Do whatever the hell you deside to do. But when it gets old make a new one and make it a combo of mage, theif, and warrior, and make him have a different backstory and or passion and combat style, Now this is just customization, now pick your combat style, if you are a brute IRL be a brute in game and smile everytime you decapitate a dragon. Now if this isnt fun, go play halo. The game is exciting, imagin you are walking through the cave, eire looking for traps, waiting for a vampire to pop out, TURNING INTO A WEREWOLF!!!! This is exciting and you need to change what you are doing if its boring to you…

    1. Nyarharhar

      Muahahahaahah I laugh at noobiness! Have you, like, ever played a good game before? Seriously dude – standards! Don’t mean to be a total ass so I’ll mix in some constructive criticism… play Mass Effect 2 & 3 – in that order. Now that’s good gaming.
      I’m so smug right now – like you’re a kitten and I just saved you from a lava pool with like acid rain and heat-resistant sharks with laser beams. Yeah! 🙂

  47. JohnG76

    People need to get outside more instead of wasting their lives with dried sh.. like Skyrim. I miss the 80’s.

  48. Anton

    I agree, bro. RAGE is much more fun

    1. BzlOM

      Oh, please don’t get me started on RAGE……. 😀 😀 😀

  49. Turdas

    Good review.

    Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I played, and while there were definitely some big problems with it, it actually held my interest pretty well — the factions in it had interesting storylines, anyway, and drew you in pretty quickly. Even some of the characters had relatively interesting personalities, and you just tended to “care” about everything a bit more. Anyway I played the shit out of that game, then the Oscuro overhaul came out, and I played the shit out of it all over again.

    I can’t see that happening with Skyrim, though. Played it for about ten hours total, did a few quests where guys gave me 250 gold for fetching something, blah blah blah. I entered a cave where some crap was being guarded by a bunch of bears and said “screw this” and uninstalled it. Very pretty, for sure, but it didn’t inspire me to care about anything happening in the game at all. I can think of games from just about every era and system that managed that, but Bethesda, with all that money and tech and whatnot, can’t put together a decent story and likeable characters. And that’s the problem — even if an Oscuro-type overhaul did come out, the fundamental problem of “why the hell do I care” won’t be answered. Meh.

  50. The-Dude

    This game fixed most of the things that bothered me about Oblivion. Oblivion had the worst leveling system I’ve ever seen in a rpg. In that game, if you wanted to have the most powerful character possible, you had to spend hours and hours spamming something in order to get those +5’s upon leveling. It was so bad that 95% of the time you were playing, you were just mindlessly grinding something out. It’s almost the same thing in Skyrim with smithing, enchanting, and alchemy, although to a far less extent.

    In contrast, Oblivion had quests and an environment that was engaging and fascinating. It had this sort of “magical fantasy” that kept me drawn in. The environments themselves were more diverse and colorful than skyrim’s, which mostly consisted of snowy mountains. I love snowy mountains and I think they’re beautiful, but there is far too much of it in Skyrim. At least Oblivion had an even mixture of terrains. This leads me to my next point,

    Skyrim got boring real fast for me because of the sheer lack of diversity in enemies. Oblivion had all of those different daedra, plus a whole bunch of other weird and crazy monsters from the shivering Isles.

    In skyrim, I now have 6 characters that are unfinished because I got bored of them long before I even wanted to finish them. Sneaky archery is completely brain dead stupid overpowered in this game by a LONG shot. Stealth in general in this game is far FAR too easy it’s not even funny. I don’t even have sneak perks bumped all the way up and I can sneak right up to people in broad daylight when they’re looking right at me, and still don’t see me! This pretty much makes invisibility redundant.

    The balance of magic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Forget about investing in magicka, forget about magicka regeneration, all you need is 4 pieces of enchanted equipment and you can have 2 schools of magic cost absolutely nothing. I actually gave all schools of magic an honest go to test for myself which ones are worth investing. Alteration is pretty useless because if you really want some protection, you wear heavy armor or enchant your stuff with magic resist. Some people say paralyze is good, but all I have to do is cast an atronach and the enemy still stops attacking me but this time the atronach at least dishes out some damage. Restoration is completely outclassed by alchemy. Why would I want to use up an entire hand just for ward spells when I can just make potions that give me 110% shock/fire/cold resist for 60 seconds? The same is true for healing spells. Potions are instantaneous, cost no mana, and give you way more reward right from the get-go.

    At best, illusion magic is just “ok” even with every single perk put into it. The only really useful spell in my opinion is frenzy, which is only good for one thing: Clearing out a mob without having to kill them yourself so you can loot in another room while you wait. But even in this case, well placed fireballs will get the job done much quicker.

    The only schools of magic worth a shit in this game are destruction and conjuration. Destruction for damage/crowd control, conjuration for defense/crowd control/ a little damage on the side.

    Groups of enemies are too hard and one hit kills you? Just put 1 perk point into being able to cast minions from further away, always sneak, cast your atronach from a distance, and widdle those bastards down one atronach at a time! This is what enabled me to play on master difficulty right from the beginning with a pure spell caster type.

    Playing a straight up warrior is probably the most boring way to play possible. You walk right up to things without sneaking because you’re a tank, and swing mindlessly and repetitively until they die, which if you build your character right, won’t take more than 3 or 4 swings even on an elder dragon.

    Skyrim does have a superior leveling system compared to Oblivion’s trainwreck, but in reality it means nothing if the game itself is far, FAR too easy in almost every way. At least playing Oblivion with the difficulty cranked all the way up offered some challenge.

    And the worst part? It didn’t take me more than a week to figure out how to exploit the mechanics and completely break the game. Many people wasted their money on strategy guides when a little common sense would have gotten them there in far less time.

    My daedric sword is now doing over 500 damage, which is SOOO ridiculous it’s amusing to me 🙂

    Agreed with everything in the review BTW!

    Boring atmosphere, boring environment, boring quests, boring combat, boring enemies, and last but not least, boring-as-fuck-I-don’t-give-a-crap-about story lines.

  51. Anon500

    I completely agree with the review and The-Dude’s comment, tho’ I add that with Oblivion on PC there’s a mod called ‘OblivionXP’ that fixes the broken level system and gives it a ‘real’ RPG level system. I still play Oblivion with that mod and a few others and still don’t get bored of it but Skyrim is so bland and it’s not funny. And with Steam I can’t even sell that game that I don’t play anymore and wasted like $50 on so that settles buying games on $team for me.

  52. The Elder Scrolls need to Retire; time for a reboot

    So so boring. No soul is so right! New vegas gave nuanced dialogue, morality, reputations to make, and you actually mattered in the Mojave. Quest npcs werent randomly killed by dragons that were weaer than bears. The vampires in elder scrolls spread their disease with their weapons and dont drink blood. Guilds will make you their masters even if your skills are pathetic. No likable characters?! Name one! Why cant i leave skyrim, wasn’t that was i was trying to do? Why did i just kneel and wait for the headman’s axe? Isnt ulfric dragonborn, why doesn’t he fight dragons? How does he gain souls and learn shouts? Tes needs a zelda-esque locking on system, batman arkham ciy stealth, mass effect dialogue, and red dea hunting, oh and fallout everything else.

    1. Anonymous

      Why cant i leave skyrim, wasn’t that was i was trying to do?

      Your character crossed the border INTO Skyrim.

      Why did i just kneel and wait for the headman’s axe?

      You saw what happened to the guy who didn’t right?

      Isnt ulfric dragonborn, why doesn’t he fight dragons?

      No, he is not. It is explained pretty clearly that anyone can learn dragon shouts with a lot of practice (see greybeards).

      How does he gain souls and learn shouts?

      He doesn’t gain souls, he isn’t dragonborn. He learns shouts from the greybeards.

      Your analysis and attention to detail are lacking and sub-par. Back to third grade with you.

      As someone who followed Fallout to Bethesda without playing any ES game previously, and playing Skyrim first and then playing Oblivion and Morrowind afterwords, you are all misguided nostalgic fools, it’s not even a comparison.

  53. Jareth, the Goblin King

    I agree with all the points in the article. I think that Skyrim could’ve been a great game, had it not been for some game-breaking oversights by the production team.

    First and foremost, the game is buggy as hell, and although everyone who has previously played a Bethesda game would expect as much, it’s nonetheless disgraceful to release a game while it’s practically still in Beta. Very few other developers would have the audacity to commercially release a game with as many bugs as Skyrim had (has), but due to the massive hype of the game, Bethesda had no qualms about it. Even after received constantly receiving updates for the game, I’ve had to use console commands numerous times just to progress through quests.

    Secondly, the choices you make in the game have no real impact on the gameplay. And in a lot of cases, you don’t even get to make a choice. For example, in “House of Horrors” you HAVE to kill two innocent people in order to complete the quest. There’s simply no other choice, other than leaving the quest sitting in your journal and never completing it. There’s no dialogue option to tell the innocent man whom you are sent to talk to about the Daedric prince’s evil plan and to let him go free. You HAVE to lure him back and you HAVE to kill him, which essentially ruins the game if you’re trying to make a “good-guy” character.

    Not to mention, a lot of the quests are extremely bland. Go somewhere, kill person(s)/acquire item, return to origin point, collect reward. And due to the ease in which the player can accumulate money and items, there’s really no reason for the player to complete a lot of these quests, other than to clear up their journal (I’m level 40 and, without grinding or excessively Smithing, Enchanting or creating potions, I’ve accumulated approximately 50K in cash – enough to buy practically anything within the game – with an additional 100K worth of loot in my house).

    Moreover, the player doesn’t feel “immersed” with any of the quests. For example, the Civil War questline is a joke.. the player has no real reason to care about either the Imperials or the Stormcloaks. As far as I could tell, the land of Skyrim looked pretty damn peaceful before I’d started this questline; in fact, it was only AFTER I’d started it that I saw Imperials and Stormcloaks ACTUALLY begin to fight with each other. Which relates to my next point:

    The AI (both friendly and hostile) is incredibly stupid and unrealistic. Many enemies seem to have the tendency to regard the recently-fired arrow sticking out of their head as “just the wind”, after 10 seconds of searching for their assailant to no avail. After which, they of course return to their menial routines, typically consisting of either pacing back and forth and/or staring at walls. Friendly AI is just as bad; unless all followers are deeply and secretly sadistic, I can’t see any reason why they would willing (and consistently) walk into a set of swinging pendulum blades. Also, if you’re sneaking and undetected, it doesn’t seem to phase a shopkeeper at all when their all their stock starts disappearing around them, which, needless to say, is just plain ridiculous.

    The damage outputs and defense rates among various creatures is also extremely unbalanced. For example, a guard with the equivalent of the worst armor in the game, wielding an imperial bow and some steel arrows, can practically two-hit my character (who, don’t forget, is a fucking demigod) while I’m wearing a full suit of Legendary-rated Glass Armour. On the contrary, when my character tries to attack a guard with 100 Archery and all Archery perks, a Legendary Glass Bow, Ring of Major Archery and Glass Arrows, it takes at least 4-5 shots to kill them.

    Finally, the levelling rates amongst skills are extremely unbalanced, and some skills are very overpowering. 100 Pickpocket can be reached in less than an hour’s gameplay, whereas levelling up Destruction to 100 can take several hours worth of focused gameplay. After levelling Sneak to 100 (which takes virtually no time at all), your player can practically sneak through the middle of a town in broad daylight without being detected, which consequently also renders combat a joke.

    Anyways, that’s enough ranting for one day, even though I didn’t even cover everything (i.e. the horrible UI, the ability to awkwardly scale up 80 degree slopes on a horse, badly-implemented level-scaling, etc).

  54. Anonymous

    Awesome review, this is EXACTLY skyrim

  55. Tyrone

    COuldn’t agree more. Especially the dragons thing. I mean, dragons are fucking terrifying. They bite you in half burn you to a crisp. The way Bethesda handled dragons, it’s just silly. What kind of hero, just stumbles out the door and kills a dragon in such a way? I mean, I have to figure, if I can kill a dragon, I can kill just about everything. Strangely enough, that Sabertooth just owned me in two hits. Huh? Oh, god, there’s just so much wrong with this game.

  56. Rad

    Oblivion was the first game I played on the 3rd generation consoles. Loved Oblivion. Sunk 200 hours into it. To this day, it’ll go down as one of my top 10 games, so naturally I was really looking forward to Skyrim. I, however, made the mistake of playing Dark Souls first. Bad move. Combat in Dark Souls is precise and rewarding. In Skyrim it’s a clumsy, hacking mess that seriously detracts from the fun. Never mind the boring fetch quests, expansive yet vanilla map, it’s about the combat mechanics for me. I’ve put 15 hours into Skyrim, but I’ve decided that’s all I can do. Sad day.

  57. AA

    All the bugs and stuff like that I can handle, but the big problem is that this game is absolutely hollow and empty, namely because of the horrible characterization.

    Characters are terribly written, none of them feel real, you feel like the only real person in the whole game; companions and spouses have no meaning or interaction except to carry your stuff. You never come across one interesting character. Todd Howard goes on and on about the big world where you can do anything, but he never once mentions, or seems to care about, characters, or actually having a REASON to do anything. What good is saving a world if there’s no one you care about in that world, or no one real at all, for that matter?

    Its just such a lonely, empty feeling experience. There is no warmth or emotional involvement with anything happening.

  58. Tim

    Skyrim is very flawed, I agree with that, but I think some of the criticisms here are unfair or exaggerated. If I may, I would like to defend Skyrim a little here and then put my two cents in on its (many) short comings.

    1. You can’t abuse a mechanic, buy exploiting bugs, and then say ‘this is too easy’. Yes you could spend three hours mindlessly grinding your sneak skill and then breeze through the combat, but don’t then complain that the game is unbalanced. Yes in a perfect world these bugs wouldn’t exist but Bethesda doesn’t have the time to fix some of these more trivial (user created) issues.

    2. Lots of people have said “I played for 10 hours and got bored. Some girl wants me to find her amulet, boring!” This is a bit unfair. The cool thing about an Elder Scrolls game is you can make your fun, it’s a sandbox game, try using some imagination. I’ve spent hours just hunting game with my bow. Don’t like that girl’s quest? Kill her, see what happens, you might need to figure out a way to do it when no one is watching, that’s all part of the game. Have some patience ffs, if you got bored in the first few hours of this you wouldn’t last 20 minutes in Morrowind (and that is widely considered to be awesome).

    What I’m trying to say is some of these problems come from the player, not the game. You have to be a little more forgiving for a game this size, stop trying to poke holes in the mechanics and just play it how it was meant to be played. “I think there is something terribly wrong with a game if the onus is on the player to find his own motivation to keep playing”, I think this is completely false, does an artist draw a picture because someone set the task for him? No, he draws it because he enjoy’s the act. This the same for a sandbox game, sometimes there is pleasure in the creativity and imagination inheriant in the playing, (for example, Minecraft), not all gamers need strict guidelines on what to do next.

    Thats not to say there arn’t plenty of horrible problems in the game. The main gripe I have is with the guild quests.

    1. The objectives are boring and repetitive

    2. You don’t seem to need any particular skills for any guild. This really annoys me, It seems like Bethesda has said “lets not exclude any character from any quest” this is a mistake and means all quests HAVE to be generic and not tailored to a specific character type (stealthy, magic etc). This was probably due to the realatively small number of guilds

    In Skyrim, there was:
    – Companions
    – Winterhold
    – Theives
    – Dark Bro’s
    – Imperial/Stormcloak (basically exactly the same quests with different NPC’s)

    In Morrowind you had:
    – Televani
    – Hlaalu
    – Redoran
    – Fighter’s
    – Mage’s
    – Theives
    – Morang Tong
    – Legion
    – Temple
    – Imperial Cult
    + Three seperate vampire clans
    (And probably more I can’t think of off the top of my head)

    I.E. There are more quests so they can be tailored to suit different characters, if you roled a mage you could join Televani and/or Mage’s Guild, Temple, Imperial Cult. There was heaps of stuff to do.

    3. When you become leader of your guild there is nothing to do. This has been the same for all the Elder Scrolls games and it really peeves me, you should be able to command your followers to do something meaningfull. Recapture a castle as a new headquarters, Defend a town from a dragon, help in the war etc. You gain this awesome status but have no power to go with it.

    The other thing that really annoys me is the magic. Illusion, Alteration and Restoration are boring and useless, no interesting spells or quirks that would make them appealing. Conjuration relies on the terrible AI. Destruction is to be expected but suffers hugely from not being able to create your own spells like in previous games. All in all the Magic is so bland and lame, Morrowind had levitating, waterwalking, magical lockpicking, chameleon, etc, heaps of spells, and you could customise them to suit your character.

    I do enjoy the sword play in Skyrim however, I like the interplay of Swing/Block/Shove/Power-Attack, (when you fight an enemy of comparable level) sooo much better than Morrowind. The stealth is also quite fun and much better than Morrowind but both these systems need some tweaking for the next game.

    All in all I think Skyrim needed another year in development, for all its visual polish it is missing the substance of the previous games. More time spent on quests, guilds and customization for the next game please Bethesda.

  59. Franco

    I really wanted to like this game (the music I really did like), but it is at its core just like the other Bethesda games I have played (Oblivion, Fallout 3 – though I preferred Fallout 3) but with an improved graphics engine: that is, devoid of any life and soul in the game play, character, dialogue, and story department.

    Also, there is simply too many potential quests which arise at any one time. I understand you can progress through any of these quests at your own leisure, but it amounts to sensory overload, compounded by the desultory lack of direction in the narrative of most quests, which mainly amount to ‘fetch this’ or ‘kill that’. I can’t understand how so many people seem to perceive open world games with their gazillion weapons, armour, levelling up choices, places to wander etc. to be axiomatically superior than more traditional linear ones. Give me Portal 2 anytime I say, with its one gun, linear driven story, original setting, characters and game play, engrossing dialogue and superb voice acting. 100 times more fun.

    I’ve given Skyrim by far over 10 hours of my time, and it is still not getting any better so on the shelf it goes.

  60. Mic

    Yea i agree, im glad i didnt buy this game when it come out and was full price. I only just bought it a week ago and ive been struggling to even be bothered loading it up. It is boring and the storyline seems more dull than a paper cup.

    Eventhough i couldnt get too far into oblivion it is more interesting than this. I dont want to sound like a one-dimensional gamer but when Farcry 3 come out i couldnt put the thing down, skyrim just feels like a chore to play and i dont know if il even keep playing it. Itl probably be just a last resort type of game that il pick up when im feeling mega bored…. I like the idea of magic and mystical creatures but this game just doesn’t come together and the graphics even with the detail pack are still rubbish…

  61. Qwack

    Got it the day it came out, after pretty much growing up on Oblivion (I was like eight when I first played it and loved it). Skyrim seems to make it so that your character has to be this overpowered, brooding badass and it’s extremely annoying. I’ve never played Daggerfall or Arena, but I picked up Morrowind last years and loved it, even though I still haven’t finished Bloodmoon and Tribunal. When I got Skyrim, it was pretty interesting. I did a few quests and liked themm, only to discover that the longer quests were few and most were fetching something. The characters lack depth once you’re finished with their respective quest lines, and everything seems to be set up so that some teenage boys can fawn over their classless, depthless little Dovahkiins, but the longtime fans are sorely disappointed, and they should be.

  62. Owl

    I completely and utterly agree with this article. Skyrim is the most boring game I have ever spent money on. The good things first – its beautifully designed, theres no doubt the world is epic in size and theres gobs of stuff to do , loads of places to explore and endless quests. Also the game can be tweaked & modded till you fall of your chair.

    Heres what makes it suck dragonballs: rubbish AI, no realtime decapitation, no indestructible enviroment & no cause-effect.

    Its almost comical that you can find a sword the size of the Eiffel Tower but when you batter a bady guy or some animal with it they just drop dead with some stupid blood texture showing near them. They should fly to pieces! Helloo…..look @ Fallout 3, New Vegas Dishonoured etc. Those games give you some satisfaction when that super-dooper weapon you get makes the monsters youre fighting turn into soup!

    And the non-destructible environment…ugh how could they release the game with this flaw! So there you are this badass Norse warrior with this immense warhammer. Oh noez youre out of lock picks…now WOULDNT it be fun to get that hammer out and BEAT that door down? Break it up? But no.

    Finally lack of good cause-effect. As many have said before me – you can butcher an entire town or village….and nothing happens. No consequences. If only they had made good AI where some townsfolk had jumped on a horse and taken off in panic to get help or to inform neighbouring villages,,,that would have made it so much more real. Instead you can wipe out a town, get on your stupid-ass horse and trot on …only to be welcomed by some dumbasses in another town.


    Thanks again for the great article 😀

  63. Denny Crane

    So Skyrim sucked. Move on. Be men. Go find a woman.

    1. youbitch

      Yes. So Skyrim sucked and you came here to brag. Move on. Be a man. And go to war…

  64. Groogle

    Got to about level 20 in Skyrim and started noticing the boredom. Everything in Skyrim is gray, dull, and boring after a while. Eventually it hits you that you have no reason to gather gold anymore, and most of the items you find you don’t need or want. Most of the NPCs feel depressed, run-down, or seem to not care about anything. And of course, as it’s been said dozens of times above, the dragons are merely an annoyance.

    Contrast this with Oblivion or Morrowind, and it just feels lacking. Here’s to hoping the next Elder Scrolls is set somewhere with more of a soul.

  65. D'Arcy Briggs

    Do we think that Elder Scrolls Online will fix some of these issues many gamers had with Skyrim?

  66. Lars

    The first time i played skyrim i went for a serious roleplaying approach, where choices do matter and you need to carefully plan every move you do in and out of combat to not screw skills and fulfill your roleplay as a complete class. Got bored in one week after i have found a strange infinite pattern. A pattern where everything feels dead and you can almost predict how NPCs will react. That’s how skyrim has so many memorable quotes, it’s not because they’re impactating or “epic”, it’s because you will hear the same lines over and over and over and over, until it finally gets stuck in your subconscious. Skyrim is a game for compulsive people which have absolutely low standards or no attention span whatsoever. People who hop in at every bandwagon or listen to popular shitty songs not because they’re cool, but because they’re cool now. Notice the word “now”.

    I realized i was playing skyrim the wrong way. I thought: “What if i imagine i was 12 again?! Let’s give it a try.” I then proceeded to created a new character, which i don’t even know which race it was, some cool cat or was it a lizard or a beaded viking? ah whatever!! I rushed through every dungeon, never stopping to read any books (except the most valuable ones, the skill ones of course!) or looting any chests,urns,boxes,etc. I don’t know how many points i have spent and what skills i have got, i rushed throught every dialogue and payed no attention whatsoever to any conversation, always fast travelling. Many, many dragons have easily fallen to my two-handed sword, or was it an axe?! I don’t remember.

    But sadly, although it did work when i was acting like a little teen, i realized something very important which made me come to a decision: i will never buy a bethesda elder scrolls game again.

    Why? Because bethesda’s skyrim target audience is actually 12 years old or people who act like them. We are already too old for them, shame on us.

  67. Jesse

    ”Dammit, Not ANOTHER dragon”


    Skyrim has a slew of deep, unrepairable flaws, but this one is downright sin. Bethesda took one of the greatest and most fearsome creatures in all of fantasy, and turned it into the equivalent of a Morrowind Cliffracer.


  68. Justin

    LOL nice review, repetitive shooter fanboy.

  69. raty

    Great game…But…But it has one fatal flaw….which kills it…
    It is way, way to easy to earn gold by selling enchanted weapons and stealing from trainers.
    With gold you can upgrade your hero very early, and then you can kill everything what comes in your way, with one stroke of the sword, untill the end of the game …which then makes it to boring to play further….

  70. GazH

    I’m a little late to this discussion but I had to say something, as it’s nice to find people who agree with me. I’ve sunk just over 90 hours into Skyrim and didn’t get that far at all really, I’d get to Whiterun, do a few quests there, kill the first dragon and then head for the Greybeards. And then I’d be like, “I don’t like this character, let’s make another.”. After doing this over and over I finally started to like a character I’d made – a dual dagger wielding, no armour, illusion and sneak type. But after doing a few quests around Whiterun, even did the one to rescue the guy from the Imperials, I was standing in the middle of Whiterun and gave a deep sigh. It wasn’t the characters I didn’t like, it was the actual game.

    It’s boring. Really boring. It’s just a list of pointless ‘go here, do that, come back’ quests from people you care nothing about, who you’ll never see again, and who have no personality whatsoever. The voice acting in some areas is incredibly bad, like the mage in Whiterun who asks you to go to Bleak Falls Barrow. His first few lines are as if he’s reading slowly from a script and forgot to put emotion or flow into his voice. The game balance is all out of whack too. Like I’d reach level 10 and suddenly I’m getting smacked around by random bandits, regardless of how I’d levelled my skills. For the first levels you really have to focus on a couple of main combat skills or you’ll be underpowered, but what if I want to make a well rounded character? Oh that’s right, I can’t.

    And don’t get me started on the environments. In Oblivion I’d start in a nice sunny village, surrounded by small lakes or streams, head upwards through a nice wooded area teeming with wildlife, maybe a thunderstorm would roll overhead and rain would fall, and then I’d get higher up the mountains and the rain would turn to snow.

    In Skyrim it’s either light or dark. I don’t remember ever seeing any rain or snow, except in areas designated as having rain or snow, where a blizzard might pick up. There were no weather patterns and all the locations would blend into one. I went from one side of the map to the other and if I didn’t have a map, I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference.

    So what you’re left with is a bland environment, filled with bland characters, handing out bland quests that involve bland combat, that you can only handle if you’ve made a bland character.

    Yeah, Skyrim, Game of the Year. Not.

  71. ursus

    I’m still playing it in 2015 so…no. Can’t agree with your review. I would actually say it is my favorite game of all time.

  72. Anonymous

    I has tried Skyrim twice. (I put down mins after I loaded the game few years ago, and tried again few years later (i.e. just now))

    Have found lots of comments about “this is awesome bla bla bla”, it could be, but it is not for me.

    I have found dark souls series *LOTS* more interesting.

  73. Anon

    I sank way too much time into this game wondering when it was going to start living up to the 100/100 reviews (how did those even happen, how deep was Bethesda into their pockets?). All I remember now is the endless fetch quests only fit for a golden retriever. Wanna be head mage? Go get some crap from a dungeon. Wanna be in the Companions? Go get some crap from a dungeon. Wanna help random NPC? Go get some crap from a dungeon. Get it yourself, you lazy pos I don’t care about.

    Oh look, a secret dungeon! Wait, it’s got the same enemies, same general look, and pointless loot. Looks like a fun time.

    Oops, you were too careless collecting the loot. Now let’s play the inventory management game, scroll through this list, such fun. Why didn’t they add a doing your taxes quest to break up the dungeon monotony?

    Plus, when I started, I made the mistake of exploring and clearing some dungeons I randomly discovered, only to find out this was basically the whole game and that I’d have to re-explore/re-clear them if they were featured in a quest. So much for some grand open world.

    I think I had more fun hunting big game and grinding thieving skills than doing most of the quests, which wasn’t very much.

  74. Alex

    Skyrim get’s really boring after playing for several hours, we don’t learn much about the empire or the stormcloaks so we don’t really care about which side wins. Most of the side quests are exactly the same; go to a cave/dungeon kill some monsters, find an item and get back out. It should be called “dungeon explorer” not skyrim. This game had a lot of potential but the developers didn’t have the imagination necessary to create a unique and exciting game.

    If you are looking for a good action RPG game you might want to give the Witcher 2 & 3 games a try.

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