Nov 03 2011

Giveaway time! Who wants a free copy of Ignite! [UPDATED]

So we have more free stuff to giveaway today, specifically 5 free codes for the recent release steam, Ignite.  Loyal fans of the site know we did a video for this game a little while back and found it pretty decent. Well the developer, Nemesys games has seen fit to throw a  few codes our way to distribute to our your readers.

So how do you win? Simple, you just leave a comment on this article with your best car sound onomatopoeia. I want to see engines revving, tires squealing, gears changing, whatever. My five favourite will walk away with a code to grab Ignite off of Steam. You’ve only got till tomorrow at Midnight (12:01 am 11/5/2011 to be absolutely specific) so get to sputtering.

[UPDATE: 11/5/2011] So we have our winners, congratulations to Teddy M, Aaron, Dorak, SgtMathias, and Uguryanar; your codes are coming in via email as quick as I can send them so be sure to check your inboxes. I pretty much just looked through all your entries and the ones I felt were the most fun to say aloud won. I hope you all enjoyed doing this little bit of stupidity as much as I did and hopefully we’ll have another fun contest like this in the not too distant future.


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  1. Teddy M.

    Starting up the engine with a discouraging “ngghhhh-ngghhh-nghhhh”…Punching the steering wheel with frustration “ARGH THAT FRICKIN HURT!”. Trying again. Getting an encouraging “vrooom vroooooom vrooom” this time ! Only to be disappointed by a sudden “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeck” when i turn around a corner. Driving in a straight line with a loud “roaaaaaar” and an even louder “kabooom” on every bump.
    Bottom line, my dad’s car is a piece of crap.

  2. Pawel

    zooooooooom zooooooooooooooooooooooom zoom zoom zoom… zzzzzZZZOOOM

  3. James Blender

    Wham! click, click, Rumble… Roarrr! vroom,vroom,vrooooooooom! Screech! vrooooooooom! vrooooooom! Screech! Screech! VRoooooooooooom! squeaKkkkk!…. Ka-Boooom!

  4. Ercan Kazaz

    When push the gas pedal of Ferrarri, it sounds like this. iiiiiiiiiii wannnnnttttt tooooo goooooooo fassssssssstttttttttttttttttttt. 🙂

  5. SgtMathias


  6. GyokZoli

    Hey, thank you!

    Krrrr… krrrr… krrrr… zzmmmmm, zmmmmmm, zmmmmm, vroooooooommm, vrooooooooom, vroooooooooom…

  7. Simon

    honk honk! “Lets get this thing rolling!”
    VWOMP *woooo flat tyre*
    screeeeeeech *turning around a corner on a flat tyre and flying out*
    woooooooooooosh *flying over pedestrians at high speed*…..
    kaboooooooooooom *ending the in an explosion :)*

    I dont think anyone can beat this guy though:

  8. Uguryanar

    I hope I can win.

    Vrooooooooooom, tototototottotot, roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommm…..

  9. Dorak

    When i start up my parents car, as first it goes rump-u-rumble-u-rumble-u-rumble. then is huuuuurrrttttttzzzzzz, and the car dies. i try again and it is goes rumple-rumple-rumple-ruuddz-ruuddz-RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNSSSSSS! then i start driving and it sounds like crackle-crack-crack-poof-crackle-crack-crack-poof! And finally when it changes gears it goes vraaakkkk-a-duh-a-duh-dhuh-duh-a-duh….. VLLLAAAMMMMM!!!!!! crackle-crack-crack-poof-crackle-crack-crack-poof! until i turn it off in a whimpering pooooooooofffffff…….. and a final BLANG! about 20 seconds later 🙂

  10. Gustavo

    Vroom, Vroom, Vrooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Errrrrrrrrr, Vrooooooommmmmmmmm, Fooooooooo!

  11. Aaron

    Well, you know the classic!

    Chitty chitty…chitty chitty…chitty chitty chitty BANG BANG!

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