Sep 10 2011

Sims Social Grabs Silver

“Freemium” social games are the worst thing that ever happened to video games, and people keep playing them. They slavishly maintain their idiotic digital farms, houses, and/or mafia hideouts, spending ridiculous amounts of money on worthless in game objects, or—even more idiotically—wasting their time earning said worthless polygons through monotonous, repetitious tasks.

For many years, Zynga’s FarmVile was at the top of the shit heap, having recruited a slave army of roughly eight million daily users. But now EA, following its uncanny money-seeking instincts, is climbing the pile with Sims Social, which now has almost ten million daily users. According to stats from Appdata, the Sims is still behind Cityville in second place, but it will—in all likelihood—jump into first by years end.

And this illustrates how the game-as-art idea is moving ever further from the minds of Americans. Instead, we view games as idle distractions, as the things we do while wasting time at work. But I suppose I should maintain some illusion of objective reportage, so disregard all those truths I just “dropped.”

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