Aug 31 2011

Jurassic Park: The Game Has a New Trailer


Telltale Games have just released a new trailer for Jurassic Park: The Game. And it looks like it will meet any reasonable person’s dinosaur-carnage quota, filled as it is with dinosaurs, people running from dinosaurs, people being mercilessly killed by dinosaurs and a general attitude of dinosaur awareness among the games characters.

Taking place in the continuity of the original film, the title will feature some of the plot elements from Spielberg’s money tree. And though none of the original human cast will appear, all the old reptilian favorites including the Tyrannosaurus, the Velociraptor (AKA the door-knob’s-worst nightmare) and some of the less cool vegetarian monsters will all be featured in Telltale’s digital world.

Jurassic Park: The Game will be available on all consoles save the Wii, and will be out on November 15th. The PC, Mac, and PS3 will offer the title under their respective digital distribution services, but all you Xbox users will have to patronize the dying system of in-person retail outlets, perhaps feeling a tinge of regret as you feed them their last meal, unnecessarily extending their deaths.

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