Jun 28 2011

E3 Roundup Reaction Shots – Day One (Nintendo, Part 2 or 4)


It's big, it's rather heavy, and its what we're focusing on....mainly Nintendo this year, not much Sony or Microsoft. Did they falter?

Nintendo held the spotlight on Day One, much like it did last year when it blew everyone out of the water with every game the players could have asked for. When those games were released, mind you, there was a choice amount of letting down through hype but that tends to happen. The earthquake has certainly been a major disruptor on things, but Nintendo isn’t out of the ballpark yet. A new console and a new Zelda game-both of which I have a number of opinions on in small blurbs-can and will make themselves known as we delve into the next day of fun, games, and worried confusion of our industry moving forward. Let’s get started.



Lots of FPS first-time around, and the most impressive weren’t exactly within the shooter bit. Also, lots of innovation with shooting and ducking and weaving. What does Day 1 hold? Let’s find out. Oh, and this isn’t only an Nintendo day; just so we’re all aware. A lot more Wii and DS titles to be sure, but everyone still playing for keeps today.

Rhythm Heaven for the Wii

‘Minigame’ games haven’t been done for 5-6 years on a major console, so I don’t mind it so much outside the slowly lingering death of originality since we’re essentially copying Warioware with this, but with a LOT more rhythm involved. Add a colorful environment and obviously weird minigames, and I am sold. I just wish we could play around with a controls a little and make the seem less simple and more interesting to play instead of just going from one game to the next.

Arma III

You know what would really make me interested in playing your game and dying multiple times , ArmA III? Actually giving me some gameplay footage. Soldiers running around a field might be fun for you, but its not fun for me. If I’m gonna add to the piles of bodies your game is known for, you might actually want to show us what it is like. Also, nice bursting cannon shot near the end.

Udraw for PS3 and Xbox

THQ, are you kidding me with this? Yes, you have an interesting control scheme, but THAT’S IT. Come on, do you honestly think we’re gonna wanna play Pictionary ‘Extreme’ Edition? Oh, and I don’t care that its called ‘Ultimate Edition’ people; it’s pictionary. I’ll play that on a board. If I wanted to your games, THQ, I would buy a tablet for my PC. NEXT!

Gears of War III After Party

Ice T performed at it with his group, Body Count. These are the people who wrote a song-and I’m not kidding-called ‘Cop Killer.’ My distaste for this is impalpable, even if the game is good. Moving on.

The Rolling Western

A downloadable game to your 3DS, we all get a new lovable mascot who rolls and fights in strategy/action battles with rock-based creatures in a western setting. This sounds just insane enough to work, but also because we don’t know anything about the designers or what else they have worked on. Please make yourselves known, guys. If you’re combining League of Legends with action-esque gameplay and resource gathering with tower-defense craziness, I wanna know about it.

Max Anarchy

A beat-em up with the violence I haven’t seen in one since Godhand and Yakuza? Though I admit Yakuza is more off-the-walls, this game has my interest. Not only because Sega is doing it while also rewriting all their former morals to do so, but because I really want to play a semi-fighting game with gruesome death that isn’t Mortal Kombat or any of its cruddy action game ripoffs. Mortal Kombat, let me be clear; after Mortal Kombat vs DC, your wish to come back into my life has failed, even if you put Kratos into your new game. Try something new, guys.

That being said, Max Anarchy has potential. Next!

Kirby’s Mass Attack

I know have a new term which is both awesome and incredibly terrifying at the same time, everyone; Kirbylings. Nintendo has the great idea of not having only one Kirby…but more than one. You launch them like cannonballs and attack in swarms. And the more you eat as Kirby, the more you grow. Imagine ALL of them having powers. This is both perfect and horrifying at the same time. Dream Land will never be the same because of some idiotic Dark Matter idiot allowing Kirby to multiply. What was the antagonist thinking? This is gonna be great..and its not the only Kirby game at E3.

Kirby Wii

Multiplayer Kirby? Yes please. If all those different characters have different powers, even better, but I’ll be honest; I will never play the Waddle Dee. Waddle Dee has never shown to have any powers or do anything cool like Metaknight or King Dedede, so I won’t be interested in playing him. That being said, it he turns to be the Demoman of the group, perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised. Also, upgradeable and maximum-level powers. YES PLEASE.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

I’ve been waiting for the Wii Kid Icarus as much as the next person, but this will tide me over. A rail-shooter with God of War action elements that doesn’t look brown or aged and ‘realistic’ with actually good bloom? This is far and beyond what I’ve wanted. Good multiplayer, a resurgence or Medusa, and some super serious guy who isn’t an angel and who is dark and edgy? You’re putting my cute and fluffy into my dark and heavy, and I’m loving it. I want to see more.

Super Mario 3D

Okay, so let’s be honest here; most people are going to buy this Mario game. It’s Mario; he’s a pervasive member of our industry and I know personally that I’m going to get this game because its Mario, and the designers of Mario really know what they’re doing when they’re not making sports or edutainment. That being said, I want to hear the soundtrack, I want to see how the game is structred as a platfomer, and I really want to see that Tanooki suit not only fly, but create statues. Also, why are leaves turning Mario into Tanooki and not into base Raccoon Mario? It’s a small issue, but an issue nonetheless.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Frank West is back, and he’s looking good for a man who should be on Zombrex? I’m game…though he still has that limp, so I’m more than worried upon using amusement park rides to kill my enemies where a good nailed bat could do the same thing. Also, I hope Frank practiced making combo weapons, because I want to be using them with his trademark snark.

Sonic Generations

Quick and simple, everyone: I will most likely be more interested in playing Classic Sonic than Modern Sonic. Just getting that out there now. Next!

Devil May Cry

I don’t care if he looks younger, it’s clearly a re-imaging of the series and its core principles, which it sorely needs after the stupidity in canon that was DMC2. What comes to mind for me is how they’re gonna portray Dante with this new head of hair. Brown doesn’t suit half-demons in my opinion, even in modern settings. Even so, I was a fan of the series, and I’m not about to pass too much judgment now.


News and Hardware

This is where the big stuff comes through in terms of technology and console introduction. I can’t imagine that everyone wouldn’t want me to talk about it to some small amount of length, but let’s get ourselves moving about the new console right away. The longer we put it off, the more surprised we’ll be that Nintendo can and will overwhelm the industry once more. Is that the best situation? No, but it is a likely occurance considering last years’ Expo. So, let’s get the console out of the way.

Wii U

A new console with a touch screen built right into its controller makes the system seem both clunky to control as well as sophisticated, as Nintendo’s newest console boasts power on the level of its competitors Microsoft and Sony’s current offerings. An AMD processor coupled with 25 gigabyte disc space onto each game (sadly, a number which games will likely not peak), pulling together Namco and Team Ninja in their third-party expected is actually quite impressive. The tech demo was low-res, but certainly spoke volumes in detail that didn’t require bloom or brown. Stylus-compatible and pulling from their success with the DS and 3DS, the Wii U controller strikes me as a fusion of I-Pad and the SNES hub, sporting shoulder and trigger buttons on what basically amounts to a really large and interactive white paperweight. The potenial is certainly there for incredible multiplayer beyond the hard-limit of four on one game with the use of Wii Remotes.

Imagine this console much like a large DS; the TV is your top screen, and the bottom being your controller…except that you can also play the games on the controller itself, giving other family members more time for TV or other endeavors with interactive media, which allows for extreme versatility. IBM is rumored to be involved, and while they can, Nintendo decided to claim their Smash Bros. Spot early for both handheld and this new console/handheld system. What worries me there is that actually no work has started and their push for the game is rushed, only providing pressure for Masahiro Sakurai, the game’s creator. Poor showmanship there, Nintendo.

Yes, the motion controls Nintendo did first are still there as well but it strikes me as unwieldy with such a large device. All-in-all, I’ll be paying attention to the Wii U for this moment; there simply isn’t enough info to work with right now but I’ll say this: The fact that they’re also citing to the ‘hardcore’ gamer as well as their casual audience does entice me. Oh, and the cheap price tag of two-hundred and fifty smackers rings well with me; that was the original price tag for the Wii.

Shigeru Miyamoto lays down the law for Zelda and Star Fox

He’s saying that these have to be the best games they can make for both franchises, or he’s claiming they are scrapped. Wow, that’s really harsh for Miyamoto, a man who is known for taking months and years ahead of time developing Mario games to prevent another stint on the franchise like Hotel Mario and the edutainment games, but still has that infectious smile and personality. I’m starting to wonder if his position in Nintendo of Japan is starting to get to his head, and that he needs to simply needs to take a breather in side-projects or take a vacation or something. I mean, Luigi’s Mansion 2 is being made in Canada by Next Games, so perhaps he should spend his time making that more than a simple launch-title for the Gamecube, but remade with more boos. I mean, he’s taking his hands off of Mario Kart to Retro Studios…perhaps it is best he just relax with something simple, but still make high-quality.

Valve is gonna make peripherals!

Valve, known for their only gaming peripheral being a keyboard and mouse, are now in discussion with Steelseries, a group associated for just those same things, but products based on their games. That’s all well and fine, really. All power to people who want new stuff that looks like the Heavy eating a sandwich, but functionality is where it counts. We want working goods to play our games, and we want them to work well. Pretty them up all you want, but in the end we enjoy a well-designed way to kill our friends online over a personal distraction.

Blackwater is getting a game…supported by its founder.

Yeah this is a terrible idea. I’m sorry, this is support for a organization that has committed war crimes and amoral actions within a country in desperate need of reconstruction in large part because of this paramilitary organization and those much like it. They turned Afghanistan and Iraq into their own little hotbed for political instability and a playground for under-the-radar arms and manpower deals to line their pockets. They want a game to not only provide positive propganda about their little schemes, but also to gain proper support for their actions within war-torn nations to the level of actual recruitment. This is wrong, and those involved with this game should be aware of the mistake they are making. I’m not blaming the designers for their interest, I’m blaming Blackwater for their clear lack of decency and and respect where our media is concerned.

And with that note, I’m gonna end my ranting for this day. Day 2 will be less hectic, but will focus on a few more games, the Kinect, and the Vita. See you then.

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