Jun 07 2011

Hamilton’s Great Adventure Giveaway Contest!

Well If you’ve read our review of Hamilton’s Great Adventure you know I’m pretty damn keen on it. Well so is Fatshark and they’re been nice enough to hand us a big stack of keys for the game to give away as we see fit. Our last giveaway contest was kind of a flop as our forums are to put it charitably kind of barren so this time we’re doing shit Wild West style and just putting the keys out there. They’re right after the jump and there are only five of them, I don’t care who claims them but it’s first come first serve so act quick!

So the Steam codes are as follows:




So to all the lucky winners I hope you enjoy the games as much as I did and to all the rest who just missed their chance to get a key better luck next time and go check out the game regardless.

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