Apr 09 2011

Expect Plenty of Returning Characters in Mass Effect 3

While it’s a no brainer that some of your favorite squad mates will be returning in Mass Effect 3, a NeoGAF poster got his hands on some nice details you can expect to see when the latest issue of Game Informer comes out.

The biggest surprise is that Liara T’Soni, Ashley or Kaiden (depending on important decisions in the first Mass Effect), and Garrus are not only coming back but will also be playable to some extent. Your surviving squad mates from the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 will also be coming back as well as a certain James Sanders that novel reader maybe recognize.

We’ll of course see the Illusive Man while Wrex, Legion, Mordin, Anderson, and Udina will return but have not been confirmed as squad mates (What? No Legion?).

The trailer already confirms our suspicions that the game will open up with Earth being invaded by the Reapers while the final ME2 DLC segues perfectly in ME3 as Commander Sheperd will be on or near Earth as the invasion starts. Cerberus is also apparently out to kill Shepard and you can bet the shadowy Illusive Man will continue to be a key part of the story.

But seriously, Legion hasn’t been confirmed as a squad mate? You expect me to recruit Legion unreasonably late in ME2 only to not have him as a partner in ME3? Lame.

via MTV Multiplayer

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