Apr 06 2011

Streets of Rage Is Back Thanks to a Fan Remake

Remember when beat-em ups moved left to right, players only mashed one attack, and you could beat thugs senseless as a kangaroo? Well one of history’s most memorable gems, Street of Rage, is back after a nearly 8 year long project. And it was all a labor of love.

Featuring 103 stages, remastered characters and enemies from Streets of Rage 1 through 3 plus a few new characters to both play as and fight against, and new moves for nearly all of them. Everyone is calling it a remake but don’t think it’s just some copy and paste project. As the dev blog states, it was all done from scratch.

As for SEGA’s stance on the whole thing, it seems they’ve known about it all along. At this point, it looks like they’re just going to let the project slide but get while the getting’s still good! So get it!

via Destructoid

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