Jan 19 2011

Nintendo 3DS will be $250 in North America But Only Have One Friend Code

If you’re excited about the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll be happy to know that the official release date of this 3D little handheld has been announced for March 27th. It will sell for $249.99 and come in blue or black. This makes it the most expensive of any Nintendo handheld to date, especially considering that you can expect a 5 hour battery life when playing actual 3DS games.

Still, Nintendo isn’t sticking us with the same friend codes of yesteryear. It hasn’t been revealed how many digits this code will be or if it uses numbers at all but rest assured, you’ll only need one to give to your friend in order to play together online..

If you don’t know, on the previous Nintendo DS and the Wii, you had a separate friend code for each game you could play online. That was a lot of repetitive numbers to punch in. The new friend codes associated with the 3DS are likely to still be an arbitrary series of numbers but at least you’ll only need one for each friend as each code is rooted to an individual 3DS unit.

There’s a whole slew of additionally confirmed features such as a pedometer to accumulate coins you can use in individual games, augmented reality games, and the ability to transmit your friend code instantly via local wireless. But you’re probably thinking, “Wow, $250? Pretty expensive.”

Personally, I don’t see why it’s so surprising. I remember buying my N64 console for $199 and when the Wii came out, it was $299. With new technology comes increased price point. Call me a mindless consumer if you want but the 3DS has 3D ability using three cameras, back lit screens, and is still backwards compatible. $250 is not surprising to me at all with a list like that.

via joystiq, Kotaku

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