Nov 24 2010

Mark Wahlberg To Be Star Of Uncharted Movie

News of one of the PS3’s biggest games, Uncharted, getting a movie has been circulating for a while now. So who’s going to be playing the role of Nathan Drake? Looks like it’s going to be Mark Wahlberg.

David O. Russel, director behind “Three Kings” and “The Fighter,” will be taking the helm of the Uncharted movie. Russel is also interested in getting Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci on board. The movie seems to be taking shape to explore the less seen parts of the Uncharted story such as Nathan Drake’s family.

I’ve never played Uncharted, being a PS3 exclusive. But I hear it’s a great game that’s particularly cinematic in feel. The movie sounds like it’s taking a good shape with good old Marky-Mark as the star.

thanks MTV Multiplayer

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