Nov 21 2010

Download Age of Empires III For Only 10 Cents

Thanks to some social networking, I’ve heard that Games For Windows is practically giving a game away for free.

Age of Empires III, released back in 2005 for PC, is only 10 cents to buy. It’s normally $39.99, so at check out it tells you you’ve just saved $39.89.

Craziest part? You can pay through Microsoft points as well. So if you’re a frequent shopper on Xbox Live, you probably have that scratch lying around.

There aren’t any indicators how long this will last, so get while the getting is good!

Age of Empires III only 10 cents


  1. HalfBeard

    Damn good price on a damn good game. and if you already have a LIVE account you’re already set up. Thanks for the heads up Marcel.

  2. Zac B

    Awesome deal, can finally make use of my 40 MS Points I had lying around. Thanks for the heads up!

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