Oct 27 2010

Juicy New Details Emerge For Call of Duty: Black Ops

With less then two weeks left before Black Ops releases, hype is building like a freight train. Josh Olin, the community manager for Treyarch, posted some little known details about the game on the Playstation Blog. There are some nice details to glean over, among them…

  • Split-screen online multiplayer support.
  • Creating custom games for private matches (sounds like a cue taken from Halo.
  • A file share system has been confirmed.

That last part is particularly important. While we know that Black Ops is introducing theater mode, there’s still a lot of unknowns about saving these movies and viewing them.

It’s interesting to note that the last two are features commonly associated with Halo. So in addition on building on the popularity Infinity Ward has created with Modern Warfare, it looks like Treyarch won’t be ignoring some of Bungie’s touted features of their own game.

Personally, I stopped enjoying Modern Warfare 2 when boosting became rampant on the free-for-all playlist. Here’s to hoping that not only will theater mode make reporting boosters much easier, but the file share system can potentially be used to make examples out of them as well, discouraging boosting altogether.

Little-Known Facts: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer for PS3 from the Playstation Blog

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