Jun 07 2010

So Dungeon Siege 3 is apparently still happening and now Obsidian is making it.

Let’s be honest, we all totally forgot that this game was still a thing. I remember hearing a little a bit about it around E3 two years ago but since then I’ve forgotten it entirel what with all the triple A titles between now and then. Well this classic PC series isn’t willing to give up the fight for my attention quite yet and once again it’s brought its head to the surface of the gaming waters, but this time with a brand new face.

Publisher Square-Enix announced today that Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment will be heading the project. Fans of the original games made by Gas Powered Games shouldn’t fret though as Dungeon Siege creator Chris Taylor will be advising on the project. When asked about his involvement as an advisor on this Chris Taylor had the following to say:

“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Obsidian. They are a very talented developer who really knows what it takes to build a deep and engaging RPG experience, and I can’t think of a better group to continue the Dungeon Siege series”.

Feargus Urqhart, owner of the most awesome name ever and CEO of Obsidian Entertainment also had something to say about this deal:

“It’s a distinct privilege and thrill to become a part of the DUNGEON SIEGE legacy. This partnership with Square Enix is a milestone for both Obsidian and the franchise, and the two companies’ strengths for compelling characters and storytelling will shine throughout DUNGEON SIEGE 3.”

Last but not here are Mike Sherlock’s, Co-COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Square-Enix Europe words on the matter:

“Square Enix is proud to partner with Obsidian Entertainment for DUNGEON SIEGE 3. The company has a history in making some of the most immersive and entertaining videogames and is a perfect fit to take the franchise forward and create a new benchmark for the action-RPG.”

Little is known about the game at the moment but we do know that it will feature high-definition graphics as well as an all new co-op multiplayer mode. Another important fact about this new Dungeon Siege is that it will be the first one ever on consoles, finally allowing longtime couch jockeys like myself a less PC-centric chance at this legendary series (the PSP Dungeon Siege title not withstanding of course). It goes without saying that this news gets me super excited as I’ve always wanted a console Dungeon Siege. I love the Diablo style looting  and high adventure that those games bring so it’s only a matter of time until I have another RPG to suck up my days.

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