May 25 2010

Insomniac is now part of the EA partners program and making multi-platform games

So yeah, this apparently happened, who saw it coming? Earlier today EA announced a publishing agreement with long time Sony developer Insomniac, who is well-known for many long-standing series such as “Spyro the Dragon”, “Ratchet and Clank”, and “Resistance”. Not a worry to Sony fans though as Insomniac president Ted Price has said:

“We are going to continue to support Ratchet and Resistance”

That said though this move is a shock to a lot of diehard fans like me who have been there since the days of the first “Spyro” game. I’m not sure how I feel about seeing the Insomniac moon rise up after the seeing the Microsoft X circle grace the screen, in a lot of ways that just doesn’t feel right. This may just be a sign of things to come for the industry though, making video games is an expensive process and in order for it to be done to the standard of quality that Insomniac games have always maintained, multi-platform might be the only feasible way.

Worries aside though the fact that “Resistance” and “Ratchet and Clank” will continue to be made by Insomniac exclusively for the PS3 is a comfort simply because we all know what can happen when an established franchise is given to developers who don’t know how to handle them(oh “Spyro” and “Crash Bandicoot” I miss the days when your games were good). The primary focus of this EA partnership deal is create a new game universe and IP, having an extra Insomniac franchise in the world is never a bad thing. Who knows maybe this gets us one step closer to that exclusive free, one console, happy-go-lucky world that everyone pines after.

I’m sure many of you are curious though as to what Sony’s feelings on this whole issue are, so here’s their official statement:

“Sony Computer Entertainment and Insomniac Games will continue to build upon a strong, successful 14-year partnership that has led to more than 35 million games sold and enjoyed by fans around the world. We look forward to unveiling Insomniac’s next PS3 exclusive properties in the near future.” Sony Computer Entertainment

It’s interesting to note that they say there will be more PS3 exclusive IPs from Insomniac in the future, showing at the very least that Insomniac won’t be giving up on their roots. This could very well make this the best developer move in history as it doesn’t seem to be negatively impacting anybody, Sony gets to keep their continuing franchises as well as get some new ones, Microsoft gets access to one of the best developers there is, and best of all Insomniac gets more money, fans, and exposure and will therefore make more high quality games.

Regardless to say I’m excited for whatever Insomniac’s next game is and no matter what consoles it’s on, one thing is certain, the next Insomniac game will keep me up all night playing it (please excuse that awful joke I have been waiting to crack that one out all day).

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