May 25 2010

Half Beard’s Harem

Here at the HUD, we have listened to “Avenue Q” and are aware that the internet is made for porn.
Whether a man loves a women, another dude, his childhood memories, or a collection of pixels and polygons, rule 34 is there for his urges. Biology 101 aside, we believe that the internet can also be used for noble pursuits such as video game banter, and discovering how magnets work.

This site is relatively new to the internet and all its authors are tremendously excited to have this opportunity to voice their various opinions on video games. Naturally it means a lot to the authors to see a recent spike in readership, but we can’t help but chuckle at some of the search terms which lead these readers here. Ever since an article on cosplay was published here it would seem that people have been mistaking the HUD for 4chan. For the past few months the site has been flooded with deviant search terms such as “Transvestite Felicia cosplay”,“Big boobs cosplay”, and other less than reputable search phrases. The authors are currently taking bets on when these readers will actually learn that the site does not contain porn.

You yourself may be someone who is a gamer with a fetish for video game cosplay. Do these search terms sound familiar to you? If they do, we strongly urge you to put down your meat, and suggest that you instead try beating a video game. Remember, there is a time and a place for everything. Some things are best done in the privacy of one’s room on actual porn sites. If you want to read game reviews and game articles though that can be done at this site pretty much daily!

Non-perverted video game cosplay fans, this one is for you.

Mario and Luigi cosplay

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  1. TheTraneIsASmoothRide

    Personally, I’m guessing that as your popularity grows things will just get worse and worse. :S But article was still refreshing and needed to be written.

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