Dec 19 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 12/15-12/21)

This week in eSports Weekly, Dota 2 receives a new holiday update, Twitch adds a new role and viewing mode, and a new LoL power is rising in Europe. This and more, including updates on the EU and NA LCS Expansion tournaments, in this week’s eSports Weekly.

Dota 2: Client Update: Shifting Snows

dota 2 winter mapValve has released a new update to the Dota 2 client, called the Shifting Snows. The map has been frozen over, forming the new Winter Map, and fantasy Dota league champions receive a special new teleport animation. But aesthetics aside, there are some important changes to gameplay and to heroes that were made as well. According to the update, “Dota 2’s balance has shifted. This small gameplay update includes new tricks for old friends, and a handful of helpful adjustments to augment your strategies.” This is highlighted by the changing of the first rune spawns to Bounty runes, a reduction of the bounty that comes from taking down barracks, an increase to the maximum movement speed, some changes to store items, and some changes to the alt-click functions. Roshan is also wearing an adorable Santa hat. There’s also new treasure chests, gift wrap for gifted items, and a block of ice from which you can craft monuments. There’s a plethora of changes to hero abilities as well that I could not even begin to analyze and describe, so I’m going to let someone else do it. You can read all about the new update on Dota 2’s official blog page, and there’s a scarily thorough analysis of everything in the update which you can read on Gamespot.

What are you most excited about in the new update? Is it the Santa hat? It’s the Santa hat, isn’t it? Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 19 2014

Heads Up: The Witcher Adventure Game

Dec 18 2014

Heads Up: JUJU

Dec 18 2014

NEWS: Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch Requires Full Game Re-Download

250px-Assassin's_Creed_Unity_CoverWhile Ubisoft have been working to correct the many bugs found in their latest entry into the AC franchise, it looks like a lot more work is needed. Xbox One players that downloaded patch 3 are now required to re-download the full 40GB game. The update that was released for PC and PS4 was already a hefty 7GB, but many Xbox One players will now have to go through a much longer process. “Unfortunately, an issue with the patch downloading process is replacing the entire game instead of just the parts affected by the patch,” says Ubisoft. “This is obviously not the expected behavior, and we apologize that many of you will have to wait longer than expected to complete this download.” As of right now, there is no ETA for when this bug in the patch will be fixed.

Dec 16 2014

Heads Up: Deathtrap [Early Access]

Dec 15 2014

Review of Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy

FantasyHero_TitleLogo_e1.5 Stars

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is, to put it bluntly, something of a hot mess. Made by the fighting game mavens over at Arc System Works, it’s their first foray into the world of modern Action-RPGs. Unfortunately though rather than being full of the insane charm that personifies their other games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, Fantasy Hero is an utterly generic and poorly ported slog that is bereft of proper content. While some small gems of good gameplay design can be found here, they’re hidden within a blackened morass of repeated assets, boring characters, and dull uninteresting combat. While I certainly appreciate Arc branching out into other types of games, this attempt feels somewhat lazy and sadly does not satisfy. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 12 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 12/8-12/14)

Whether you’re taking a break from your rigorous finals studying, or celebrating that all the work is done, eSports Weekly is here for you! This week, after being bought by Amazon, Twitch makes a significant purchase of their own! CS:GO gets an update to a classic map and some of its important weapons, ESL announces that Dota 2 is coming back to Frankfurt, and more, in this week’s eSports Weekly.

Twitch Purchases Evil Geniuses, Alliance Organization

twitch editTwitch is finally throwing around its big Amazon money, acquiring GoodGame Agency at the beginning of the week. GoodGame owns two of the premier eSports organizations, Evil Geniuses and Alliance. In their announcement, Twitch said this is part of a plan to bring more support and monetization to both organizations, as well as to eSports in general. In the Twitch press release written by VP of Marketing & Communications Matthew DiPietro, the juggernaut live streaming service said:

With GoodGame’s specialized skill set added to Twitch’s already industry-leading partner program, Twitch streamers will soon have even more ways to build their careers as content creators.

The CEO of GoodGame, Alex Garfield, wrote a lengthy explanation that can be seen on GoodGame’s website, but was also nice enough to provide a TL,DR:

It’s a good deal for everyone involved. And while I’d be lying to you guys if I said that the level of support didn’t factor into my decision, I’d be lying just as much if I told you that the support alone would’ve been enough. Don’t get me wrong, the financial security doesn’t hurt. But I didn’t put ten years of my life into this company – and this industry – only to sell my soul in public for a couple of bucks.”

Like any acquisition, it will take some time to see what develops from it. And like any acquisition, it’s been met with a wide range of emotions from the community, from optimistic confidence to pessimistic hatred to full-blown confusion. And while the situations aren’t 100% similar, I’d like to ask you a question that I asked on the eSports subreddit post about this development: what would sports fans reactions be if ESPN went out and bought a handful of premier teams? Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 12 2014

Heads Up: Metrocide

Dec 12 2014

NEWS: Final Fantasy Christmas EP Released for Holidays

SMoonTired to death of listening to the same old Christmas tunes playing over and over? Well, we’ve got the cure! Scarlet Moon Records have released an EP containing 5 tracks. The EP contains remixed songs from Final Fantasy, one song from Saturday Morning RPG, and one from composer Dale North (of Dragon Fantasy). The selection of Final Fantasy tunes are from FF 4, 8, and 11. You can check out the album right here. Samples of each track are provided, and if you like what you hear, you can pay a minimum of $5. If you’re looking to bring a little nerdiness to someone you love or just get some quality music inspired from your favourite games, this seems like a way to go.

Dec 11 2014

Heads Up: Massive Chalice [Early Access]

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