Apr 16

Review of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball


You can imagine how hard I must have rolled my eyes when I heard Nintendo was dipping its toes into the F2P market with a baseball themed mini-game collection of all things. Not only has Nintendo’s recent output been less than stellar in my eyes but I have never played a free to play game that I’ve actually felt good about putting money into. However I started to hear some interesting things about the Big N’s experiment with modular pricing; that it was similar in style to the Warioware series (which I adore) and that you could haggle down the real money prices of the game’s micro-transactions. Sufficiently allured, I decided to check it out and after a weekend of slowly draining my wallet and socking a few dingers, I can happily report that Nintendo has knocked it right out of the god damn park with their weird ballpark flavoured experiment, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 16

NEWS: Sony to Sell Almost 10 Million Shares of Square-Enix

sony-logoDespite Sony having a fantastic year in terms of a massively popular console launch with  solid lineup of games, they have still hit hard times. Sony forecasted a loss of $1.1 billion back in February for the fiscal period. Earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they will be selling off 9.52 million shares of Square-Enix stock. The exact transfer price, with SMBC Nikko Securities, will be posted on April 17th and will be included in Sony’s projected capital gains for 2014. What does this mean for Sony and Square-Enix? Only time will tell, but it might suggest a tension between the two, and maybe a bit more love to companies like Nintendo or mobile platforms.

Apr 16

NEWS: Halo Composer Terminated from Bungie

halo3MC (1)I would argue that the music from the Halo series is just as emblematic as Master Chief’s helmet. Well, Marty O’Donnell is the composer of these orchestrated classics and he has recently been let go by Bungie. According to a tweet from O’Donnell, he is “saddened to say that Bungie’s board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.” O’Donnell was also working on the score for Destiny, Bungie’s big next-gen title. It will be interesting to see what his next career move will be, as he is one of the industry’s best.

[Ed's Note: Here's a fun fact, in addition to composing music for the Halo series, O'Donnell also wrote the soundtrack for Myst and made jingles for both Mr. Clean and Flintstone's Chewable Vitamins.]

Apr 14

Heads Up: Deception IV: Blood Ties

Apr 14

NEWS: New Maps and a Free Update are Coming to Titanfall

titanfallexpeditionTitanfall, the massive hit from Respawn Entertainment, will soon be getting three new maps as well as a free update. If this doesn’t excite fans of the game, nothing will. The reveal was made via Twitter at PAX East. The update is slated for sometime in May, but exact dates are still unkown. The pack, titled Expedition, will feature 3 new maps called Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. To pair with these new maps, a free update within the same release window will feature new multiplayer modes as well as burn cards.

Apr 11

The Podcast Returneth

MicrophoneAs some of our long time readers may remember, we here at Halfbeard’s HUD had the HUDcast, a podcast where we talked about games we were playing, industry news, and other gaming topics on our mind. After a overlong hiatus, we are bringing the podcast back and we want YOU to help!

We will be rejigging the format slightly and want your input. If you have questions you want answered by us on air, then we want to hear from you. If you want to hear our personal thoughts on a specific game or want us to give our opinions on the latest industry controversy, then let us know! You can shoot us an e-mail at questions@hbhud.com or leave a comment below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Apr 10

Heads Up: Bardbarian

Apr 09

NEWS: Borderlands Gets a Pre-Sequel

BorderlandsPreSequelDespite Gearbox stating their next two projects would be new IPs, they’ve tricked us in a great way. The Borderlands franchise is getting a prequel-sequel, a pre-sequel. This game will be heading to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year. According to a post from the Gearbox website.

“Set between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, you’ll play as four all-new character classes fighting alongside Handsome Jack, witnessing his transformation into the ruthless tyrant you loved to hate in Borderlands 2, and assisting with the rise of the Hyperion Corporation. The signature shoot ‘n’ loot gameplay of the Borderlands series expands with the addition of low-gravity and oxygen-powered jetpack combat, the icy ‘Cryo’ elemental damage type, the deadly laser weapon class, and new vehicles to help you explore the diverse lunar landscape.

The four new playable character classes are all familiar faces from the Borderlands universe: Athena the Gladiator (The Secret Armory of General Knoxx), Wilhelm the Enforcer (the robotic badass of Borderlands 2), Nisha the Lawbringer (The Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands 2), and yes, even Claptrap the Fragtrap (from just about everywhere… unfortunately).”

Apr 08

HalfBeard Survives Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Part 24 FINAL!

Apr 08

NEWS: Xbox 360 Could Still be Backwards Compatible With Xbox One

en-US_XboxOne_Games_Hero_AnnouncementAt the Microsoft Build conference during the first week of April, development lead Frank Savage (no relation to Fred Savage…but a man can dream), stated that “There are [plans], but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately.” This was in response to an audience members question about the new console’s backwards compatibility. Apparently, the issue at hand is between the architectures of the two systems, similar to the later generation PS3s and PS2 games. With that said, could Microsoft simply not offer these games on the online marketplace? Is backwards compatibility something we still care about?

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