Oct 31 2014

NEWS: New Battlefield Game in 2016 and Star Wars Battlefront in 2015, EA Confirms

BF 4 Dragon's Teeth

Pictured: Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth

Shoot the enemy, capture the flag, win points, upgrade equipment, fly planes into buildings – the next iteration of Battlefield is on the way. Sometime in 2016, gamers will get to play the next numbered chapter in the military shooter series. This was confirmed along with some other interesting details, much of which was already announced or heavily speculated. Battlefield: Hardline will see a March 17th release in 2015. And here’s the big one: Star Wars Battlefront is now confirmed for a holiday 2015 release. So, now we’ve got a 2015 with two new games from the group, and 2016 looks to be a big year with the next Battlefield. I’ve never been a massive fan of the core series, but Star Wars will surely be on the top of my list when it comes out.

Oct 30 2014

Heads Up: Boot Hill Heroes

Oct 30 2014

Heads Up: Legend of Korra

Oct 29 2014

Review of Bayonetta 2

title000005 Stars

The defining word when it comes to Bayonetta 2 is fun; it’s not trying to tell some epic narrative nor impart some meaningful lesson, it just wants you to have a good time and it joyously delivers that on all fronts. Platinum Games has gone out of its way to make a game that seems to be genuinely enjoying itself and is full of unabashed spectacle and bombast. While it may lack a certain degree of coherence and its occasional suggestive leanings might end up making some uncomfortable, the game’s heart is in the right place and it delivers fully on its fun crazy promises. For those looking for an M-rated breath of fresh air on the Wii U, Bayonetta 2 acts an insane fever dream of catchy J-lounge music, irreverent joyous sexuality, and smooth fluid gameplay and once you fall into it, you won’t want to wake up. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 28 2014

NEWS: Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Releases This November

scrolls_screenshotMojang might be known mostly for the wildly successful game, Minecraft, but there is more to the studio. They’ve quietly been working on a card-based tactics game called Scrolls for the past few years now and it looks to be slated for a November release. Scrolls will have players craft decks made up of units, spells, and supports. What makes this game unique is the game board itself. Rather than the standard layout, the game offers players a hex-lined field upon which to summon their wizards and werewolves. Positioning will now play a key role in offensive and defensive maneuvers. Mojang plans to release the game across all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android) at the same time, though the company states they are aiming to get the phone and mobile versions up and running first. While there aren’t too many details floating around, we can say that iOS version of the game will be a free download, but operates much like a demo version of the game. Users will have to pay $5 to unlock the full version. The game also features cross-platform accounts and features.




Oct 27 2014

Heads Up: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Oct 27 2014

Heads Up: Pix the Cat

Oct 27 2014

NEWS: Nintendo Releases Spooky Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

NintendoPumpkinWe hope you are excited to celebrate Halloween, because we sure are and so is Nintendo! They want you to celebrate the holiday by showing off your geek-side in style. You can head over to Play Nintendo and print out PDFs to make a Bowser pumpkin, a Boo pumpkin, or a Shy Guy pumpkin. You can also head over there to print off some not-so-convincing Mario and Luigi hats and mustaches. Halloween is a wonderful holiday for kids and adults a like, but remember to be safe and respectful. We hope you have an amazing holiday!

Oct 24 2014

eSports Weekly (Week of 10/20-10/26)

The League of Legends World Championships produced a grand champion, and then ALL THE ROSTER CHANGES started to happen. And ESL made some major announcements that fans of Microsoft will thoroughly enjoy. This and more in this week’s eSports Weekly.

LoL: Worlds Finals Recap And Post-World Roster Change Madness

LoL WorldsThe grand finals of the 2014 LoL World Championships, between Samsung Galaxy White and Star Horn Royal Club, produced the winner that was expected: Samsung White. What wasn’t expected was for Star Horn to take a game against the heavily favored Korean powerhouse. Samsung White took the first two games in their usual quick, dominant fashion, winning each game in under 30 minutes. In the next game, Star Horn stunned Samsung White, going with a team composition favoring tanky teamfights, and not letting White end the match early, as they’re accustomed to. But Samsung White would respond in game four, playing strong from start to finish, claiming the world title in under 23 minutes.

Just days after Samsung White held the trophy above their heads in front of their home crowd, the landscape of competitive League of Legends began to change drastically, as several roster changes were made throughout the NA and EU LCS, in a similar fashion as many Dota 2 teams after TI4. We’ll do our best to try and list as many of the big changes as we can. Shoutout to r/leagueoflegends and its members for all the masterposts they have made. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 24 2014

Review of Legend of Grimrock 2

header (1)4.5 Stars

As with many classic genres, there has been a real call for traditional first person dungeon crawlers lately. Might and Magic X: Legacy earlier this year served as a decent AAA grab for glory and the niche has never really gone out of style in JRPG circles but the genre as a whole hasn’t really had a proper hit in years, with one exception: Legend of Grimrock. Almost Human Games showed us a couple of years back that dungeon crawlers still have legs as long as they’re designed well and their sequel to that seminal hit is bigger, better, and still sticks to that unforgiving old school philosophy that made us all fall in love with the grid again. Legend of Grimrock 2 is a true sequel through and through and if you’re a fan of RPGs, classic or not, you need to check it out.

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